Hannah the Cow (print)


Item overview:

  • Handmade product – original is watercolor on wood planks
  • Materials – semi-matte print with archival inks
  • All sizes printed with a white border (great for matting!)
  • Ships within the United States via USPS Priority Mail (save when ordering more than one print!)
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Hannah the cow and her fluffy ears and long eye lashes stands adorned with a flower crown.

About the work

This piece of artwork was born from the wood plank canvas itself! I thought the plank board would make an interesting surface to work on, and I was curious to see how well watercolour paint would work on it. From there I thought about painting something rustic, like a field or a barn. That then lead to the idea of painting farm animals (I love doing animal artwork), and finally I settled on a cow. Around the time I started work on this painting, National Animal Rights day came and I decided to dedicate this work to abused factory farm animals, and use it to help promote education on the horrifying practices and  procedures implemented on farms that have little to no regard for the animals they raise.

Even if you are not vegan, I encourage you to take a moment to educate yourself about what goes on in the meat and dairy industry. You don’t have to be vegan to feel upset by the mistreatment of farm animals. Like wise, you don’t have to be vegan to make an impact either. I am not vegan and with every bone in my body, I do not agree with the cruelty of today’s modern farming practices. I’ve cut back my consumption of meat and diary, I boycott brands that are cruel, and support brands and farms that uphold high standards of humane treatment. Additionally, I make art!

It has always been, and will always be my goal to fill the world with beautiful art. Because of this, I refrain from shocking pieces that are hard to look at. Instead, consider the face of this sweet cow with her long eye lashes, fuzzy ears, and flower crown; and how there are thousands of cows like her in real life – each one, deserving of compassion and kindness. Consider the notion that one’s fate is not justification for suffering.


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Mini (4" x 6"), Small (5" x 7"), Medium (8" x 10"), Large (11" x 14")


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