Girl with Scarf and Flowers


Item overview:

  • Original Artwork – graphite and colour pencil on 84 lb drawing paper.
  • Measurements – 4 x 6.25 inches
  • Displayed framed included.
  • Ships within the United States via USPS Priority Mail (free shipping on orders over $100).

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A mysterious, moody girl adorned with a circle scarf and flower crown.

About the Work

The start of this ended up being much, much different than the ending. When I first started to sketch this mysterious girl, I used an anime style. However, as I worked on it more, I decided to take it down a more realistic direction. I used graphite pencil from start to finish, and added just a hint of colour to the flowers with a pink colour pencil. As with the style, her expression morphed at some point too. I took her from mischievous to piercing. I usually do my best to plan out drawings in my head. However, sometimes it’s fun to let the lines take me where they want to go – as the one’s in this portrait did.


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