Fruit Girls (digital download)


Fruit Girls (digital download)

  • Digital download copy of original artwork in JPG format.

  • Original illustration is watercolour paint on 140lb watercolour paper.

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Apple, Orange, Lemon, and Cherry make up the Fruit Girls quartet!

I started this illustration by sectioning off a sheet of watercolour paper with blue painter’s tape. My plan was to create four mini illustrations that were all tired together with central motif. The first idea that popped into my head was fruits. Fruits can come in all different shapes and colours, which is want I wanted for each panel. As I worked on the initial sketching and line work, I tried to have each fruit girl convey a unique personality. To achieve this I drew each one in their own pose and gave each panel their own colour theme.

Apple is the more serious of the group. She has a classic pose and a more muted colour pallet when compared to the other girls. Apples are typically harvested in the autumn where I live, so the choice to style her in a yellow ocher sweater was made as an ode to the fall season.

Orange was given a silly personality as see in how she stacks the oranges on her head. The colour orange it self is bright and cheerful, so it was used to further highlight her jovial demeanor. Her colours are also reminiscent of the summer season.

Lemon fruits are sour, but when made into lemonade they are sugary sweet - this sweetness is the main theme in Lemon’s portrait. Pink lemonade was the main inspiration behind the hue combination of pink and yellow. Naturally, along with sweet is the concept of cute, so Lemon winks cutely to the viewer in her portrait. Of the four girls, her colours are the softest and lightest in tone, invoking the feelings of spring.

Finally, there is Cherry. I wanted Cherry to have a confident, fashionista vibe to her with a touch of sass. In her pose, shes holds cherries almost as if they were earrings and wears a large, bold hair bow accessory. Her expression was painted to show subtle confidence with darker makeup than the rest of the girls. To fit in with the second motif of seasons, Cherry is styled in a thick sweater to signify winter.

I loved working on this illustration throughout the entire process. Fitting so much information into each small panel was a fun challenge.