Ethan Hawk the Rooster (print)


Item overview:

  • Handmade product – original is watercolor on wood planks
  • Materials – semi-matte print with archival inks
  • All sizes printed with a white border (great for matting!)
  • Ships within the United States via USPS Priority Mail (save when ordering more than one print!)
  • 50% of sales for this print donated to Amiee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary


Ethan Hawk – handsome rooster and resident of Amiee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary. His colours are bold and so is his personality!

About the work

As a follow up piece to Hannah the Cow, I decided to paint a rooster. At first, I was going to use a random internet photo for rooster reference, but then a friend of mine shared an awesome photo she took of a rooster she knows by the name of Ethan Hawk. I was immediately awe-struck with Ethan Hawk’s colouring and knew that his bold feathers would look well depicted in paint. Those same bold feathers were also a challenge to paint, which I wrote about in my blog entry, Work in Progress – Ethan Hawk the Rooster. Overcoming those challenges was totally worth it though! I am often my own worst critic, but I absolutely love how this piece came out.

Currently, Ethan Hawk is living the good life at Amiee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary in Arizona. Amiee and kind volunteers help take care of a variety of farms animals with the mission “rescuing, rehabilitation, and spreading awareness for farm animals in need.” As a way to say “thank you” to all she and her team does, 50% of all sales for this print are donated to the sanctuary.

Much like my previous farm animal painting, Hannah the Cow, it is my wish for this painting helps others to see the handsome beauty of roosters. Roosters often get the short end of the stick with the poultry and egg industry being very unkind to them. The gender of a chicken cannot be determined until after they have hatched, alive, into the world. Chicks who are found to be males are often killed – many times in completely horrific ways. Male chicks who escape an early death are even less fortunate. They often find themselves living in cramped quarters on factory farms where they stand in their own waste and are left to rot should they become ill. It is my plea, that you try to choose brands and companies with high ethical standards for their roosters and chickens. Support companies who invest in ways to determine gender before hatching, support companies with high standards of treatment, and consider vegan options whenever possible. I am not vegan, but I am 100% against the cruelty that has become common place in our food and agricultural industry these days. 

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Mini (4" x 6"), Small (5" x 7"), Medium (8" x 10"), Large (11" x 14")


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