Last Post of 2018!

It's finally that time if year in which we look back at the previous 12 months and contemplate our successes and shortcomings, make resolutions for the next year, and generally reminisce about all that was with ranking lists! I'm totally someone who gets caught up with holidays and New Years is no different! That all said, please enjoy this last post of 2018! :) [caption width="1080"]Instagram best 9 of 2018![/caption] This year has been one of my more productive years with art from both a creative and business standpoint. My website has always been a problem for me as I'm...Read More

Social Media and Me

Last week I wrote about my online comeback, so this week I thought it might be neat to share the social media side of that. The online hustle with social media is real! It may seem like it's easy and no real effort is needed, but it's very much the opposite. I actually put a lot of thought and effort into every post and upload. I'm still a social media nobody, and it can be frustrating to put so much effort into something hardly anyone sees. But hey, Rome wasn't built in a day! :) Currently, you can find me...Read More