New Prints Available & Updates!

Girl with Scarf and Flowers

Through shear determination, I completed a new work this past weekend! It started out as an evening sketch practice. Just something simple and relaxing to end the evening with. However, I ended up giving it some serious effort. What started out as leisurely drawing on the couch, ended with focused attention at the drawing desk.

Last week ended up being a little stressful in my personal life, and I feel like that spilled over into this drawing. The early sketches depict the girl as mischievous and lighthearted. Where as the final result is moody and a little mysterious.

I usually shy away from drawing or painting my negative feelings. The tormented artist is cliche I try to avoid. However, seeing how this piece turned out has me acknowledging the importance of creating from the heart. I love creating beautiful and happy things, but I shouldn’t always expect that from myself.


I debated on what mediums to use in the early stages. Several times I contemplated trying a mixed media approach. Ultimately I choose to keep it simple and stick to graphite pencil. The only extra medium uses was a Blush Pink colour pencil used to lightly tint the flowers. The paper was 5 x 7 inch 84lb drawing paper.

Shop Updates!

New prints are available in the shop! I have prints of the above work as well as my previous painting Ethan Hawk the Rooster.

Shop for cause with Ethan the Rooster as 50% of each sale from this work goes to the farm animal sanctuary he calls home – Amiee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Other News

My poor Youtube channel has been dormant since earlier this year. I am hoping to reawaken it with new videos! I have time-lapse, create with me, and a special Halloween themed surprise planned! Making videos requires a lot effort, but I want to give it another try. Please look forward to them!

I can’t believe the end of summer is nearly hear. This year has gone by so fast! And there is still so much I want to do with my art before 2019 comes around. This year has been full of mistakes and learning, and I feel up to the challenges the few remaining months are sure to bring me.

Until next time – with determination and FIGHTING!!

– Sam 🙂