Homeward Bound Artist!

Hello dear reader!

Sorry for the late blog post. As I type this, I’m sitting in the Milwaukee airport waiting for my flight back home to the desert. For the past six days I’ve been staying with some wonderful friends in their lakeside cabin with almost nonexistent cellphone service or wifi. Having to be disconnected wasn’t all that bad though. It forced me to relax for once, and simply enjoy the beauty that surrounded me.

The purpose of this trip was primarily as a summer vacation. A chance to get away and relax. However, as an artist, I found the woods and lakes of Wisconsin to be truly inspiring. Each day my well of inspiration was filled up more and more.

If you read my previous blog, you’ll have seen I packed a travel art kit. I’ve been a nature enthusiast all my life and I knew a trip like this would be a great chance for field sketches – and it was! Flowers were in bloom along every road and trail, the trees had just a hint of autumn colour creeping through them, and wildlife could be seen enjoying the last bit of summer. I could sit for hours doodling the various plants within my vicinity and any animals brave enough to wander within eyesight.

Sunset on Minocqua lake.
Sunset on Minocqua lake.

On one especially pleasant afternoon, I sketched on the edge of the dock that went into lake outside my friend’s cabin. The sun was warm and the water was cool. It was so relaxing and simple. It made sketching feel effortless.

Copper Falls national park.
Copper Falls state park.

On another day my friends and I took a hike up through Copper Falls. Truly an amazing sight to behold, with waterfalls stained in a rust colour feeding into the lake rivers and creeks of the park. The forests along the path were awashed in speckled sunlight. The ground was covered with moss, ferns, mushrooms, and fallen logs. I wasn’t able to do any field sketches on that hike, however, I did take over 300 photos as reference for future works. The falls themselves were especially mega-impressive!

This trip truly recharged my batteries in so many ways. I feel like I have fresh ideas to work with and a renewed passion for nature art. It makes me sad to see others care so little for our natural world. I’d love for my work to be a voice and a source of realization of the beauty that exists in places unmarred by cities and over development.

Art related stuff aside, I did make some time for good ol’ touristy sight seeing! I enjoyed some local shopping, ate too much, and got to play with some cute but mischievous dacshounds!

Heading back home is a little bitter-sweet. Nothing beats the green forests I hope to call home someday, but nothing also beats working in my studio when my head is full of ideas! I also mega-miss my own puppers way too much!

As always, please look forward to my future works, as I am excited to share these recent experiences with you through my art work and illustrations.

Forever a child of nature; currently an artist renewed,

Sam 🙂

Flowers at the cabin.
Flowers growing outside the cabin’s front deck.