Giclee Goals and Limited Editions

Recently, my journey has taken another turn in which I’ve decided to make some changes to how I sell my work online. Until now, I’ve sold prints using a print-on-demand production model. A costumer places and order, I personally make a print, and then I ship it to them. It sounds simple enough, and at the start it worked out nicely.

However, I’ve come to learn that when produced that way, my work does not have any value. I truly wish I could give my work away freely for people to enjoy, but that is just not feasible when you consider the cost of time and money that goes into making an artwork and reproducing it. If it seems like a crude reason for change, it is simply just an honest one instead.

Additionally, I believe my work has begun outgrow the digital printing method for reproduction. As such, I wish to raise the bar higher by producing my prints as giclees! Giclees are extremely high quality, archival reproductions. They are printed using pigmented archival inks, and archival papers. Limted editions are signed and numbered and never to be reproduced again.

Value isnt the only reason. Keeping up with little things like ink and paper supply add up to big stresses over time. It sucks scrambling to get an order out on time, only to find I’ve run out of ink midway through printing. And that’s all on top of the million other things I seem to be juggling at any given time. By creating a stock beforehand, I no longer have to stress over not having enough supplies on hand – if I run out I can order more at my own pace. Having a stock on hand and ready to go means quicker shipping times too! Everybody wins!

It will still be a while before I can create giclees as they require a special printer. Until I am able to acquire one, I will continue to create high quality digital prints – albeit in a limited edition format. This will not only add value to my product, but also elevate the above mentioned issues with my current method.

Since prints of all my previous works have been sold already, I thought it best to start fresh! I’ve removed all my previous reproduction products. As of posting this, the store front attached to my website will have only original works and limited stock prints for sale. Each limited print being signed and numbered in batches of 20 to 25. Once sold out, they will be retired and not reproduced again.

But that’s not all! I still wish for my work to remain accessible to everyone, so I’m passing the print-on-demand work to someone who can actually handle it – Redbubble! I’ve had a neglected Redbubble account for years. Recently, I’ve spent a week reviving my Redbubble store front. It didn’t have a banner or much fan-fare to it. To freshen it up I created a banner and replaced old image files with new high quality ones. Older works were taken down and more recent ones added, including my photography.  I make pennies off of Redbubble sales, however, I appreciate how it allows me to share my work in ways beyond a wall decoration (though they have those too).

I’m super excited for this new turn in my journey. Making art has always been the easy part, but selling it is another matter all together.  Even when there’s sales being made, it’s still super-mega time consuming work being a businessman, and a production house, and a creator all at the same time. This change is among the ways I hope to make things a little easier for myself so I can focus on what’s most important – making art.

That said, I have tons of projects planned and in the works now too! That’s a subject for another blog though.

Honestly and earnestly,
Sam 🙂