Art Show, Art Fair, and News!

Has it really been since January that I last wrote? Yikes! So much has happened since then - the biggest being the Reel Tucson Lucky Art Show and the Tucson Museum's of Art's Spring Art Market & Flower Festival. I spent about a month preparing for both events - making art and getting supplies. Only now has the dust settled and I am finally able to get back to the day-to-day - including (hopefully) more consistent blog posts! In the meantime, here's some highlights on both events, site updates, and future plans! Reel Tucson - Lucky March 14th saw my...Read More
Girl with scarf and flowers

New Prints Available & Updates!

Girl with Scarf and Flowers Through shear determination, I completed a new work this past weekend! It started out as an evening sketch practice. Just something simple and relaxing to end the evening with. However, I ended up giving it some serious effort. What started out as leisurely drawing on the couch, ended with focused attention at the drawing desk. Last week ended up being a little stressful in my personal life, and I feel like that spilled over into this drawing. The early sketches depict the girl as mischievous and lighthearted. Where as the final result is moody and...Read More

New Speed Painting Videos!

It's been no small task for me, but I've been doing my best to work through the backlog of speed drawing and painting videos I had sitting on my computer. I am a mega-novice at using Adobe Premier Pro and my computer is very dinosaur old, however, I am learning and making the best of it! My latest videos include: New Year's Rooster & Girl - speed painting First Kiss - speed painting Forest Sprite - speed painting I only have two more painting video to make before I'm all caught up - and I am currently recording the work...Read More

Open for Business!

The online shop is up and running! It's been a great first month with it, and now that all the kinks having been worked out, I can go back to focusing on making artwork to fill it up! I've had online shops in the past, but this is the first time I've been able to sell directly though my website. Currently, I have mostly prints for sale ranging from small 6"x 4" inch prints up to 13"x 19" inch posters. In addition to prints, I also have sticker packs available! Each pack is made to order and hand cut! To...Read More