Art, Auctions, and Art Auctions!

On social media this past Sunday I made the big announcement that I would be donating my recent artwork to the charity organization, Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary. I was so honored when they approached me asking for a donation to use in their upcoming online auction. I mega-believe in their mission of giving abandoned and at risk senior pets a chance to live out their sunset year with love and a warm home. This will be the second time I’ve used my artwork to support Cherished Tails and I’m sure it wont be the last!

I definitely have a soft spot for senior dogs and kitties. All too often these gentle souls are over looked in shelters. However, they can be so amazing! So low key and chill, loyal and loving, and often times still full of spunk! I’m always amazed at how Cherished Tails advocates for these older guys and gets them into foster homes, vetted, and even adopted. Even if they suspect a particular old soul only has weeks or days to live, they still provide them the best care and more love than what the sun could ever hold.

I can’t adopt or foster (due to the two crazy dogs I already have), so this is me helping in a way in which only I can do! Only I can make Samantha Violette artwork after all. ;]

Spring Bunny

Fear of letting go

For this event, I wanted to create a brand new piece of artwork. However, selling originals is always so mega-hard for me!! I pour my heart into each piece I make and the thought of someone not taking care of it scares me. It’s probably not something an artist should admit to, but it is how I honestly feel and what makes my originals such a rarity. For pieces that I intend to sell, I have to put myself in the mindset from the start that it isn’t mine to keep. This works most of the time, but every now and again I find myself still struggling to let go.

I am beyond happy to provide my recent work, titled “Spring Bunny”, for the charity auction; however, a little part of me still feels attached to it. It’s only my second pyrography piece after all. Knowing that it will provide more good in the world to be released out into the wild makes up for those clingy feelings though. It’s a piece of something bigger and meaningful.

The Process

Deciding to do a wood burning was easy. It had been a while since I last did one, and I felt a cute wood burning would be extremely marketable for the charity. The idea to depict a bunny also came fairly quickly. With spring in the air and Easter decorations filling store shelves, a bunny and spring flowers seemed like the way to go, even if a bit cliche for this time of year.

I probably put in a sold 30 to 40 hours into this artwork. The final draft went through several changes before I finally decided upon the composition of the bunny and the flowers that surround him. Originally I had drawn way to many flowers that the whole thing looked lile a cluttered mess!

At this this point I wasn’t sure about adding colour it. In my head I could see it looking great both with and without colour. In the end I went for it and I’m glad I did! The colour is so subtle that it doesn’t take away from the little bunny at all. Instead, I think it helps highlight him and gives the burning some extra dimension.

What’s next?

I’m already planning another wood burning and another charity to donate it to! The due date is around the corner, so I don’t want to make it official just yet. Hopefully I can make it work and help out some more animals. In the words of my tv doppelganger April Ludgate, “animals should be rewarded for not being people.” 😛

Until next time,

Sam 🙂