Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays! As I sit typing this, I have a cup of hot cocoa cooling next to me and a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie playing in front of me. I love this time of year! All the lights and good cheer - I'm a total sap for all that!This year I tried to make a Christmas illustration to help celebrate the holidays. However, as per usual, life had other plans and the illustration had to be pushed to the back burner. I do hope to eventually finish it, but for now it's only line work.At the start if the month I participated in a charity raffle and even had my own art show! All Christmas themed of course. :)My personal life saw the recent passing of a long-time family friend. He was also an artist all his life, and extended his generosity posthumously by leaving me all his art supplies.Additionally, I managed to organize an animal food drive at my office day job! Together my office collected over 300 pounds of pet food!So, while the artist side of me is saying, "paint that drawing!" The rational side of me is saying, "relax and enjoy that hot chocolate - Christmas only comes once a year."I wish everyone a happy and merry Christmas, surrounded by loved ones and full dinner plates!Cheers!- Sam :)