Just one more level...

Even though, I know I should be keeping my nose to the paper (for anyone that has seen in draw in person, you know what I'm talking about, lol), I always try to make a little bit of time for video games. Video gaming is one of my most favorite hobbies, and has been so since I was old enough to hold a controller. (The original NES was my gateway drug.) Unfortunately, for the pile of commissions I've got stacked up...that little bit of time usually snowballs into an entire weekend... see, I'm also a bit of an addict, lol. I say, "just one more level, " and the ends up becoming 10 more levels. It nothing too serious, but I have been known to lose whole days and weeks sitting in front of the TV with controller in hand.

This week I spent a lot of time playing Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. For those of you that don't know, Harvest Moon is a farming. You get a run-down farm you've gotta fix up by planting crops and raising live stock, and if that wasn't enough, you also get to court a lovely maiden to be your wife and have your kids. On paper, it doesn't sound terribly fun or exciting, however, in practice, it's very addicting. The spin-off Rune Factory, takes these concepts and throws in a little RPG level grinding and dungeon combat. Even though this kind of game isn't for everyone, I do recommend it to everyone. Its one of those gems that you may find surprisingly enjoyable.

Also surprising, was how much my current game mirrored my actual life. How the hell am I supposed to get a wife, when I can't even afford to buy a kitchen table, because I had to spend 500 coins on medicine, because I got paralyzed in a cave fighting a monster...ok, so maybe the monster part doesn't count or the wife part, but I am broke! lol

In addition to fantasy farming, I also roamed the wasteland of a dystopia in Bioshock 2. I LOVED the first one. The story was awesome and the game play great. Coincidently, the same day I was lent Rune Factory, I was also lent Bioshock 2...I'm a VG addict, remember. xD I haven't played too much yet, but what I have I'm liking, a lot. You can tell, the game makers have upped the difficulty in this one...especially for the Little Sister escort/bodyguard modes. I can hold my own just fine, but I must admit, I'm not good at escort scenarios. I hope the ending in the second one is better than the first. I played the good guy in the first one and the ending was good in that everything turned out hunk-dory, but when you poor 40 hours in to a game, I expect and ending cut scene to last longer than two minutes. Being a bit of an achievement whore, I plan on playing the good guy this time least, for the first round of play.

Hmmm...I bet I can get one more level in...before noon...