new year 2019

Last Post of 2018!

It's finally that time if year in which we look back at the previous 12 months and contemplate our successes and shortcomings, make resolutions for the next year, and generally reminisce about all that was with ranking lists! I'm totally someone who gets caught up with holidays and New Years is no different! That all said, please enjoy this last post of 2018! :)Instagram best 9 of 2018!This year has been one of my more productive years with art from both a creative and business standpoint. My website has always been a problem for me as I'm a beginner with web design. However, thanks to the vast wealth of knowledge on the internet, I was able to figure out how to add an online shop and get everything looking professional! My website has always been a time sink for me in the past, so getting up to where I just need to maintain it has been a huge help.Along with getting my website designed, I've also tried to be better about regularly posting blogs and updating social media. I miss the conversations art created with fan and onlookers when I did comic conventions, and social media is a great way to continue experiencing that while still sharing my work with the world.I admit, I started out stronger than I ended this year - the holidays are busy times! However, it just makes me want to resolve (hehe) to do better in the coming year.Production wise, I can never make enough art to satiate myself as an artist. Though this year I was able to make more than I have in prior years. I was even able to try out and learn new methods and techniques. Best of all, was how I was able to use some of my work to highligh great charities and organizations like Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary and Ammie's Farm Animal Sanctuary. I don't believe art always has to have some deeper meaning, but I love being able to bring positivity into the world regardless of the subject matter.The biggest problem I had this year with making art was consistency. I would do really good making a number of pieces and then get burnt out and do nothing major for a month. I also can't seem to find the magic balance of my day job and my art career. Sometimes the burn out of my office job spills over into my personal life leaving me artistically anemic.One exciting highlight of this year was getting to participate in a pop-up art gallery! It has been a while since I last did an art show, so I was really nervous about it. However, it turned out well and I even got invited back for their February show!This year has very much felt like the door opening for better things to come, and I hope that next year is like stepping into a beautiful garden with new opportunities blooming like spring flowers. As loft as that sounds, it will require a lot of hard work and effort on my part for sure! Which brings me to...NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS! :DMy goals for 2019:

  • Post a weekly blog covering random artist topics, thoughts, and tutorials.
  • Create additional content for my Youtube channel that goes beyond just time-lapse videos.
  • Create at least one new major work a month.
  • Complete the various series I've started.
  • Have fun. :)

Even now, in 2018, I'm trying to get into the habits that will lead me to be successful in the new year. This blog entrt is a part of that too! Making sure to make time for things will no doubt be a constant struggle for me, but I'll do my best.Aside from completing the several series I started, I also have a few new projects in the works. I don't want to guve away what they are just yet, but please look forward to them! :)And to close out this blog and this year, I wish you all the very best going forward! As always, I am beyond grateful, appreciative, and thankful to have the support of everyone cheering for me as I make my artist's journey. The hardest thing I'll ever do, is have a dream to pursue.Until next year!Forever hopeful,- Sam :)