Number 56

I went to my very first open casting call today, and boy was that an experience!  Forget butterflies, I was a complete tangly ball of nerves!  I had no idea what to expect. I flubbed through the paperwork they wanted filled out , and then read over the audition scene a couple of times.  I was able to feel the character immediately and could picture the whole thing in my head. It was a neat feeling, and gave me a boost of confidence, however, that turned out to be fleeting.  Unfortunately, my body likes to do its own thing, regardless of how much of a poker face I put on.  As I sat in front of the lights and camera, mentally ready for action, I could feel my face slowing begin to quiver.  Yes, my whole face was quivering as I tried to read my half memorized lines and put appropriate expressions on it.  I can only hope I fought it back enough that no one noticed, lol.Once I did the reading, I had to do an improve of being "locked in a bathroom scared when a guy busts in with a gun and dead body behind him".   At the que I made use of my quivering-ness and totally let it go to town as I crouched behind the chair I was sitting ing....and I continued to crouch in fear...and still continued. It was after what seemed like forever, I realized they weren't going to que this guy with a gun.  Once this realization hit me, I brought my scene to an end with an awkward scream and an even more awkward mumbling of the word "scene" so they knew I was done.All in all, I don't think I did good at all.  I'm sure there's going to be other girls who did better than me and will land the lead part. However, all is not lost. I am mega-proud I found the guts to push through the nerves and not chicken out last-minute.  Not to mention, I did get a compliment from the casting director that he liked my outfit (somehow, for me, I never feel like a total loser when I'm dressed like winner).  I wont find out for a few days if I got a part in the movie, so until then, I'm not going to thing about it and just hope that my audition reel doesn't ever come back to haunt me, lol. xD