North Paw, South Paw

Another month has come and gone. I for one will be happy to see March pass us by. This month hasn’t held a great number of positive things. Between current events (praying for Japan and donated too n_n) and stuff in my own personal life, this hasn’t been the best month so far (this year). However, where shadows lay, there is light just ahead!One such light, along with the advent of April is one of my favorite holidays: April Fool’s Day! I love surprises and pranking people. I didn’t do much last year, but this year there are a few people I have surprises in store for. One of my pranks, I’ve had cooking in my head since February! Whenever, I prank someone, I always wonder if they will get the joke in the same way I do. I suppose it’s not a total loss if only I am the one laughing, but nothing is better than when both the pranked and pranker can share a chuckle.For the past two weeks now, I have been pretending to be a lefty. It started out as advice from my piano teaching book, to help build strength and dexterity in my non-dominant hand, but has since expanded into a sort of experiment of what I can actually do well with my left hand. Admittedly, it was very frustrating at first, not having adequate control over my own arm. However, in the short period of two weeks I have seen a vast improvement in the motor skills of my left arm and hand. It’s actually pretty interesting to see in days what takes years to master as babies and toddlers. One day I hope I can get my south paw skills decent enough to call myself ambidextrous. Wouldn’t that be neat! Interestingly, I recently found out my mother was born a lefty. She said that as a kid she was forced to use her right hand like “normal” kids. If being left or right handed is passed on through genetics, it’s no wonder I’m taking to it pretty easily.In work related new, I landed a modeling gig and got handed a new commission.  I'm very excited for the modeling job as I will be working with a good friend of mine.  The commission too is something I am looking forward to working on since it's a little more in my comfort zone...I love a challange, but it's nice to do something familiar every now and then.  On top of all this is work on my book!  Little by little I am making progress.  I wish I could share what I have so far, but this is one project I'm going to keep under wraps until it's all done! ...well, maybe a sneak peak or two along the way. ;]