"RAWR" is Cupcake-a-saurus for "Yummy!"

This weekend saw me playing baker for a kid's birthday party and an office going away party.  Baking (and cooking for that matter) is a fun hobby of mine, so I'm always happy and eager to share my culinary skills with others.  Naturally though, there are always a few hiccups when I undertake projects like these; or as my mother likes to say, I have "Lucy moments". A "Lucy moment" is a reference to one of my most favorite shows, "I love Lucy".  I grew up laughing at her shenanigans as her and Ethel's plans usually had a flub somewhere along the line. Yet, no matter the severity of the mess-ups, Lucy always managed to pull through in the end and have everything turn out ok.  It's that kind of scenario that I usually find myself in; things go awry, but, end up ok once all is said and done.The biggest Lucy moment I had been when my frosting started to melt the night before the cake was supposed to be finished with no back up ingredients on hand.  My kitchen holds heat like a sauna and despite it only being early spring, the highs for that day were in the 90's where I live, not a nice combination.  After a late night grocery store visit, I did manage to pull though with a different frost ing recipe, but it was still a bit worry some at first.  This particular cake/cupcake project was personal as it was for my adopted kid sister.   Her mom is a very close friend of mine so I wanted to do an extra good job. When I wasn't working on the food part of it, I was making little dinosaur toppers out of card-weight paper and tooth picks.  Those were so much fun to draw!  The un-fun part however, was getting to cut them out...  I was so focused on making cool looking dinosaurs, that I didn't think about making them in shapes that would be easy to cut out.  I think if my hand could have runaway, it would have.  I've never cut out so many things in my whole life and probably never will!  That was probably the least fun part of it all. Not that it matters much, because after seeing the finished product, all the drama queen moments and late nights (this was a project that spanned more than a few days), it was all 100% worth it!  Everyone at the party loved my display and the kids went crazy for the toppers!Despite the dino party ending, I wasn't through with cupcakes.  That very night I had to rush home to make even more for an office going a way party.  These cupcakes were pretty simple, but I failed to properly estimate how much frosting was needed.  I ended up making a lovely display for the party, but had to finish frosting the cupcakes literally right before the party started.  I even penned a poem to put on the display:"Wishing you joyous tomorrows forever,Best of luck in all you endeavour.Great distance doesn't equal good-bye,So, when we say how we'll miss you,No need to cry!"With those two side projects out-of-the-way, it's time to get back to the real work!  I took yesterday off as a vacation day to recharge my batteries.  I got to spend it playing video games (totally my cocaine), and ignoring my the itch to draw. (My hand needed a rest!)  I have a couple of commissions that I need to complete and my own projects that have been neglected recently, so it's understandable that I am a little more than anxious to get started again. Today should be a very exciting day for me, as I will get to be a model in a fashion photo shoot.  I'm mega-excited for that.  For as much as I love and kick ass with fashion, I totally fail as a girl when it comes to hair and makeup.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for false eye-lashes. I've always wanted to try wearing a pair, but couldn't put them on correctly.  I will be taking a sketch book with me in case I have some spare time to doodle or I get inspired by all the glam, hehe.