Working Vacation

It feels like I rarely get to get away. Working a full time job side by side with my art career leaves me with very little time for much else. This year has seemed especially tough; every year seems to be harder than the last as I grow professionally in both my career and day job. Working hard is something I'm very much accustomed to, however, when I'm not careful to keep things in balance my

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Art Show, Art Fair, and News!

Has it really been since January that I last wrote? Yikes! So much has happened since then - the biggest being the Reel Tucson Lucky Art Show and the Tucson Museum's of Art's Spring Art Market & Flower Festival. I spent about a month preparing for both events - making art and getting supplies. Only now has the dust settled and I am finally able to get back to the day-to-day - including (hopefully) more consistent blog posts! In the meantime, here's some highlights on both events, site updates, and future plans!

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