Convention Diaries! - Con-nichiwa 2014

Today the much anticipated Burial at Sea: Episode 2 came out and I couldn't be more excited for it! Unfortunately, my internet is super slow and the massive DLC is gonna take awhile. In the mean time, I thought this might be the perfect time to update you wonderful readers on my latest convention escapades.

For the past two months now I've been working super hard to prepare for my first convention of 2014, Con-nichiwa. This was my fist time showing at this venue so I didn't want to leave anything to chance. For all my preparation though, things started out a bit dramatic.

Set up didn't go as smooth as I had hoped. Part my fault and part the fault of staff members, I ended up having to set up my table the morning of the first day despite trying to set up twice the day before. Even though I had to make some last minute changes, everything turned out fine in the end and I managed to have my table ready by the time the doors opened.

Day one was the worst of the days but had a diamond of a moment to make it all ok. I was largely ignored by the crowd on the first day, however, I did manage to get a commission from a very interesting kid. The request was super specific and made me nervous. The kid knew exactly what he wanted, so what if my work didn't match what was in his own head? I gave it a shot though, and was rewarded with one of the best reactions ever! I made his day and in turn he made mine! He was so happy with my attempt that he literally stood in front of my table and stared at his illustration at length. He even returned the following day for a second commission and a big thank you.

Days two and three, were vast improvements as far as attention went. Even when nothing is purchased, I still appreciate a nice conversation. I even got to chat with friends I made at previous conventions. Overall the mood was so much lighter than it had been before.

It was also fun to people watch when I wasn't busy working on commissions. Seeing all the fabulous costumes made me want to try dressing up someday. I did get to wear my Lolita outfits, but for me those are normal clothes so it wasn't as special as a character outfit.

Despite the rough start, overall the con was a successful one. I managed to break even by making enough to pay for the table and the prints. Day one was truly a bad day, but I'm glad I didn't give up. Instead, I held on to that moment when that kid got his commission and listened to the kind support of my friends cheering me on and believing in me.

My next showing will be at the Phoenix Comic-Con. I mega-can't wait to experience those shenanigans and seeing as that's only a little more than two months away, I guess I better get to work preparing for that!

Besides, my download still has 40% to go...

Best regards always,