Philosophy and an artist

Lately, I've been reading a lot about various philosophies. Currently I'm juggling two books, one about the philosophy of Spinoza and the other about Schopenhauer. I've always had a curiosity for philosophical ideas and beliefs. I find it fascinating how people develop their ideas and back them up through reasoning. In a way, philosophy is akin to religion and it's associated beliefs (another topic I find fascinating for the same reasons). It's fun to take ideas found in these ideas and try to apply them to everyday life. In away, I'm conducting an experiment with myself as a guinea pig. An example is the idea that a person should have equality in regards to the people they come across. In effect, this idea translates to not having more [eg:] happiness for one person situation (because you have high favor for them) over another persons identical situation (because you don't favor them). The philosophy this idea stems from also preaches truth with oneself. I find a, moral dilemma, if you will, in that being true to oneself goes against feeling equality for people I favor and don't. Oddly enough, these situations do not trouble me. Instead I find them all rather amusing, perplexing, and intriguing. I think it's the scientist in me that doesn't let my own psychoanalysis worry me! :]Believe it or not, I'm not very artsy when it comes to thought. While some people are either very "left-brained" or "right-brained" I am a bit of both. Until I found art to be my life's passion, I grew up wanting to be a scientist! Since the same time I found art, I had also found science and loved doing experiments and reading up on the topic. It wasnt' until I actually grew up, that I made the discovery that I find career science to be really, mega-boring thanks to the large amount of paper that is involved. Not to mention the schooling required (I do not have the attention span large enough to sit through a math class without falling asleep). So, it goes without saying, I turned to art for a career and kept science as a hobby.Speaking of career art, I recently finished a new commission. My client gave me a little description of what she wanted and I went for it. It wasn't until afterwards she filled me in on the beautiful meaning behind it. It's jobs like this one that remind me why I love being an artist! Some how, be it the grace of God or luck, I managed to capture that meaning." butterflies to me stand for the sense of freedom... freedom to be who i want, do what i want, fly wherever i want in my mind, freedom to express my beauty how i want and freedom to feel what i want..."I was truly touch to have her say my design held that meaning. And it wasn't really something I concentrated hard thinking about either when I drew it. I just went with what my gut told me was "good". Since then, I've already begun working on another tattoo design/commission. This one is huge and I've already redrawn it more times than I can count. Such is the price of perfection, failure! In the end, it is all worth it though. To be able to create something meaning full for another is such a wonderful feeling!