"Make Pasta, Not War!"

Today was one of those days that is just wonky. For me, a "wonky" day is a day where things are constantly starting off bad, but end up being ok. Today's wonky-ness started as soon as I woke up...or didn't... I woke up late for the day job and no matter what I did, it seemed like all I could do was move in slow motion. Needless to say, I ran out the door late with bad hair and no socks. Amazingly though, I found primo parking right in front of my office and made it to my desk exactly on time. The rest of the day would follow that tiring pattern of bad-good. The day job it self was a chore...everything that should have been simple was a drama-fest. I should also mention, I forgot my wallet at home today, so I was outta luck for lunch, gas, and...oh yeah, I was driving with a license, oops. Luckily thought, I was too busy to even think about eating and I had just enough gas to make it home.

The shining lining, however, was, as today started out bad as a whole, it has ended great as a whole too! My Hetalia season 1 DVD came in the mail! I watched the fan subs when they came out and loved it, and the English dub is no different. The accents and jokes are a hoot! I love a good laugh after a hard day. Even more TV goodness came from a new Episode of Ghost Adventures. I love spooky stuff like that and these guys are fun to watch even when they don't get any spooky things on film. And to top it all off, my parents bought me pizza! Pizza and Hetalia, there isn't a better combination! xD

Even though the first part of today pretty much kicked my ass, I love it when things turn around. Even my day job ended on a good note, with me being able to get everything done before clock out time.

While I'm thankful things turned out to be ok, I do hope tomorrow is a pleasant day all around...I'm too worn out for a round two.

Oh yeah! And I have an audition tomorrow for an independent film! I'm aiming for the lead role! :D