Hello 2011

Upon the razor winds, rides change.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Cheers to Kwanza! and Merry-Happy any holiday I may have missed!  I just love how there are so many reasons for celebration this time of year.I think the biggest one of all (because just about everyone celebrates it) has got to be New Years.  Personally, I really enjoy getting ready for the welcoming of the new year.  Yes, I am totally one of those people who makes New Years Resolution's and what not.  I even borrow from Japanese tradition and do a big end of the year cleaning.  For me, New Years has always felt like I've been given a clean slate.  No matter how crappy the previous year was, it's in the past; one shouldn't worry over spilt milk, after all.  I see the time between January and December of the coming year as a blank canvas all ready and set for me to paint a beautiful picture on! Speaking of which, I already have a few projects waiting in the wings that I'm just dying to start!  Since my discovery of Windows Movie Maker on my computer, I've decided to try my hand at a little simple animation.  Along side that, there is my book (which I have already begun work on), and commissions that I am still getting (mostly tattoo work).  On top of all this, I also plan to pick up the pace greatly with my piano practice.  I plan to make 2011 a very busy year! Today it is very windy outside.  The skies are grey with clouds, but the sun is illuminating them like crystals.  It feels like perfect weather for these last days of 2010.  While had many good times in this year (both in my personal life and art career), I am happy wave it goodbye to it.And, in case you're curious, here are my New Year's Resolutions!:- Become fluent in Russian and Japanese- Develop good proprioception with the piano- Exercise more- Eat healthy- Read more- Wear more awesome outfits- Play more awesome video games- Become a famous artist- Be better, live better overallFor those that also enjoy making resolutions, I wish you luck and steadfastness with yours! To everyone, may your 2011 be amazing! :DSee you next year! ;D