Rabbit Rabbit!

I recently decided to enter an art contest. I rarely enter art contest because they always scare me. Having your talent compared to another’s is not a pleasant thing, especially when you are not classically trained. I can just hear it now, “You’re self taught? It shows…” However, I figure, I got to learn to face my fear sooner or later, right?

The contest rules are very simple and leave a lot of room for the imagination to run wild, however, mine is still poking its head out from inside the stables. I can’t say I’m surprised. When I’m creating stuff on my own for just me, my imagination grows wings and soars, but whenever I must draw for someone else, the worries of it being to their taste halts my thought process greatly, almost entirely! I get stuck in “Is this cool enough?”, “Is this what they are looking for?”, “Is this a unique idea?” etc… In fact, the last major contest I entered, I failed horribly (and I knew it too). Because I couldn’t let go of my anxieties I ended up with something that was not cool, was not what the judges were looking for, and was not even close to being unique. If I can find a way to stop myself from over thinking the completion and just make art in the way I normally do, I’ll feel like a winner regardless of if I actually win. …I still really hope to win though, so don’t get me wrong, I’m going to give it all I’ve got!

With only a month to work, I should probably bunny hop off the computer and get to work. Wish me luck dear readers! :D

Until next time,


- Sam