You can't trick-or-treat an Air Pirate!

Halloween is just around the corner and for once, I'm all set with a costume! No last-minute hot glueing for me, this year!  For the costume parties I got an invite too, I've decided to go as a Forest Ranger! It's not a very creative costume, but it's easy and doesn't require sewing or glueing of any kind.  Earlier in the week I rummaged through my closet to see what I could put together that was low-cost and easy.  I ended up with two choices: Victorian masquerade (party dress, mini top hat, faux fur stole, and mask) or Forest Ranger (my hunting clothes and a stuffed grizzly bear).   ultimately, the Forest Ranger won due to it being unusual and unexpected.  Hopefully next year I'll get the ball rolling on my costume a bit sooner and make something really cool!This past weekend I started playing Skies of Arcadia Legends.   I've been wanting to enjoy the exploits of Vyse and his crew since the Dreamcast days and never got to since I never had a Dreamcast...and even when it hit the Gambecube, it was bitter-sweet due to me never having a Gamecube either.  Fortunately, I do have a Wii! Now almost 10 years later I get to live the life of an air pirate! (Gotta love backwards compatible consoles!)  One thing that's really shining for me about the game is the story.  It's not your typical, dare I say "girly, JRPG.  There are no romantic subplots (not even with the childhood friend that is a girl), no ambiguous pretty boys (Vyse may be pretty, but there's not question he's a dude), and no angst.  Even as a fan of many RPGs that have all those characteristics, it's refreshing to play something a bit different every once in a while.For those that read my previous post about my audition, the results are in, and I didn't get the part.  No worries though, I get to have a work free birthday (filming was scheduled on my birthday) and it doesn't mean I can't try again. Fall off the rock seven times, sit on it for eight.  Even more inspirational, is this fun fact! Fred Astaire was told early in his career that he couldn't sing, couldn't act, had average looks and could dance only a little.  He went on to become a very famous Hollywood and Broadway actor and was even named "The Greatest Male Actor of All Time" by the American Film institute!