The Tri-force of next-gen mine!!!!

Thanks to some odd jobs and good-old fashioned saving up, I was able to purchase a PS3 this weekend!  It's sitting happy with my Wii, Xbox 360, and myriad of older Nintendo Systems.   With my system, I picked up the quick time event game Heavy Rain.  (After a two weeks of button mashing action games, I needed something easy for my thumbs.)  While very short in length (I beat it in two and half days) the story more than made up for it.   Comparable to watching a suspense thriller movie, there were many times I was at the edge of my seat about what was going to happen next, and scratching my head at who the "Origami Killer" could be.  It should also be noted that the myriad of choices you make in the game have consequences and with those the game does a great job at placing you in the playable characters shoes.  Admittedly, there were a few times, I wasn't happy with my choices so restarted the whole level just to change them...if only there was a re-do button in real life! lolWith just a few more achievements to attain, I'm left with the itch to play a "real" video game.  There's a handful of great games coming out this holiday season and I'm at a loss of what to get first. (With gaming being a more expensive hobby than doing crack cocaine, I can only afford to get one game at a time.)  A few of the games on my radar include: Epic Mickey, Fallout New Vegas, CoD: Black Ops, DK Returns...and all the other titles that have already come out but I haven't picked up yet!On the bright side, being game-less for the moment is actually a good thing. It keeps me on track with my art work.  This weekend I was able to tear myself away from the PS3 long enough to work on my latest batch of commissions.  With all of them being tattoos, I'm doing my best to make them extra special!  Also on my queue of things to get done is my major project, a book!  Yes, I've decided to begin work on a book of illustrations with the theme of fairytales.  I'm very excited and have already started getting some sketches made.  I've been wanting to do a book for years now, but never truly felt skilled enough to make works I would be happy with or others would find enjoyment in.  Even now, I'm worried I will never be 100% satisfied with my final products, however, if the rest of the world can find them beautiful, I must believe them!