Skips and Trips

I've finally done it!  I have my very own webpage up and running (!  There isn't much on it right now, but Rome wasn't built in a day either.   It all feels so exciting!  Just earlier this week I received a wonderful gift of business cards from my dear friend Kathy.  They are unusual in that they are are square in shape instead of the usual rectangle layout.  I can't wait to hand them out at the comic convention this year.Speaking of which, I am still waiting for registration to become available.  They say a watched pot does not boil, and like wise, a watched site does not update!  Granted the convention isn't until November, but it wont feel truly real until I can sign the paperwork.The guest list has been posted and so far it seems to be a total sausage fest, haha.   I don't mind too much though, because it will help me to stand out all the more.  I'm sure my outfit will stand out plenty on it's own, regardless of my gender.  Yes, I am totally the kind of person that makes the most of every fashionable opportunity!!!  I already have an idea of what I want to wear, so now it's just a matter of going shopping.  Little by little my dreams are becoming realities.It's not all cake, however.  For every stretch of this journey I walk tall and proud, there are moments where I inevitably stumble a bit.  A fine example would be this week, when I didn't work on my current painting for four whole days because I was afraid to touch it.  It's almost at completion and the fear of messing up and tossing all the previous hours of work out the window scare the s***t out of me!  All it takes is one wonky brush stroke to through the whole thing off.  Worse yet are the things only I can see.  No matter how proud I am of a piece, there will always be something about it I don't like and will always see.  What all that said, I did manage to dust myself off and continue walking.  That's the magic key, never giving up, no matter what!Now back to work for me, but not before some lunch. :]