Quiet can be busy too

Hello again!Today was the first day of my "day job" work week.  It was pretty uneventful...just the way I like my day job to be. This past weekend was very similar in tone.  As of lately, I seem to really be taking the whole "starving artist" thing to heart.  I have dreams of going to New York soon (with my cousin, but that's another story I'll save for later).  However, I really don't want to move all the way out there with credit card debt and a car payment (for a car I wont be driving 'cause New York is a walking city! And besides, how will I be able to show off my crazy fashions in a car?)  So, I've been scrimping, saving, and penny pintching to pay off those loans.On the bright side to lacking funds for good times, being home on the weekend is the perfect time to work on art pieces and outfits.  This past weekend, in fact, I finially broke throught my artist block and begain work on what will be the show case piece of my very first gallery showing! I even managed to start a draft of another piece I plan to include in the show.Aside from that, I also clocked some hours working on an amazing commission oppurtunity and I began surgery on a pair of high heels that died (I'm bringin' back to life! Pictures when I'm done).I can't wait for the weekend to come around again. I much prefer working on projects with big chunks of time. Sadly, on days that I work the day job, I come home and really don't feel like doing anything but vegging in front of the TV. 10 hour work days will do that to ya.Well, I have an early start manana.Ciao for now.xoxo- Sam :)