Open for Business!

The online shop is up and running! It's been a great first month with it, and now that all the kinks having been worked out, I can go back to focusing on making artwork to fill it up! I've had online shops in the past, but this is the first time I've been able to sell directly though my website. Currently, I have mostly prints for sale ranging from small 6"x 4" inch prints up to 13"x 19" inch posters. In addition to prints, I also have sticker packs available! Each pack is made to order and hand cut!To go along with the sticker packs, I've also been considering making stationery/letter writing items. I'm a huge fan of Japanese doujinshi binsen (stationery, typically fan art in nature) and have enjoyed making my own in the we'll see. n_nI can't wait to share so much more in the coming weeks - tutorials, articles, blogs, videos, new works - now that the dust has settled! Please look forward to it! :]