One hell of an artist/otaku/girl.

What a whirl-wind start this year has been! I had the best New Years day ever in my person history and from the get-go my career as an artist has been on the move! Of course, in between my work as an office lady and an artist, I have found time to watch more than a few anime titles.Just recently, I finally had the chance to watch the series RahXephon. I missed it the first time  it was released, so when I saw Right Stuf had it on sale, I snapped up a copy of the box set.  I had always heard good things about it and I wasn't dissapointed.  The animation, musical score, and plot were all high quality (studio Bones rarely dissapoints me).  Also heard amongst the praise was comparisons to Neon Genesis Evangelion, which were also proved to be true.    However, dispite similar plot points and characters, the overal tone of the two are polar opposites.  For me, that difference was enough to get past the "Eva rip off" mentality.  In fact, I even recommend it for fans of Eva.  It's a great comparison piece for it.Also arriving in my mail box was the Black Butler Season 1 Part 1 box set.  This series has a bit of a guilty pleasure feeling to it for me...probably due to all the bishies that run rampant thoughout. ;]  I originally watched the series subtitled on the net (legally, I might add...), so, I was a bit unsued to hearing the English accents that permeate throughout the dubbed. This initial auditory shock was breif, however. Funimation did a wonderful job casting the voices and I think I may even prefer to listen to the dub.  A bit off topic, but I find it a shame that the anime Emma wasn't able to get a proper dub the way Black Butler did.Aside from anime, I've also been watching the Korean drama Fireworks.  It's a bit cheesy at points and I can pretty much guess how it will end, but it's so charming!  I even managed to get one of my best friends hooked on it too!   So far, my favorite K-drama of all time has got to be My name is Sam-Soon.  Another slightly cheesey, slightly predictable, but mega-charming show.   Originally, I found it snooping around Crunchyroll and pretty much decided to watch it based on the title character having "Sam" in her name.  It's funny how silly decision like that turn out great! :]As I said earlier, anime has just been a filler between work and more work.  While I can't say much for my day job, I can say tons about my art!  Once again, I have more than a few commions piled up.  The one I am most currently excited about is a drawing for a local band that, if approved, will be put on t-shirts for sale at their concerts! How amazing would that be for people to wear my design? Mega-amazing, that's how much.  Right now, however, I'm working hard to finish a Valentine's day illustration.  This one is one of those drawings that taking longer that it should to finish.  My first issuse with it was reverse artists' block.  Reverse artists' block bieing when I have too many ideas floating around in my head. Getting all those ideas sorted out and what-not takes time and once I finally decided on a design I was happy with I had to go and mess up what was supposed to be a final draft.  All is not lost, however.  I have been able to duplicate a second final draft and it actually looks better than the first.  The challenging part still lays ahead though.  The deadline for this is tomorrow afternoon and I have yet to colour it...which means I should probably wrap up this post pretty soon and get back to work!  Luckily, I seem to work well underpressure. :]