"First Kiss"

This piece has been a work in progress for a long while now. Originally it began as a doodle; I felt like drawing a girl with a long ponytail, and so I did. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it came out, and so I decided to push it past the doodle stage and make it an actual piece of art work.

As I elaborated on it, the piece went through a few changes as I tried to figure out what do to with it. I altered the girl's hand positions and fussed with the background. I didn't really accomplish much before setting it aside for several months to work on other pictures.

It was in this time that I discovered my innate love for the art nouveau style. After having already worked on an art nouveau inspired experimental piece I turned my attention back to the doodle and composed an art nouveau style background of flowers and hearts.

With the drawing complete, my next hurdle was to decide how to colour it. I could envision a light pallet of pinks and purples, but I didn't want it to come off as monochromatic. I tried using different colours for the flowers, but in the end, I think I could have made better use of the colour white to break up things.

Lastly, I added some gold ink as an accent, because I just can't get enough of gold ink accents in my pieces, lol. ;)
About the time I had decided to make this an art nouveau piece, I had also thought of what the subject of the work should be - a first kiss. The girl's expression and pose seemed to lend itself well to such a notion. I thought about how sweet that first kiss moment is. (I love me some romantic K-dramas and anime, hehe.) Even if it's not your first kiss ever, a first kiss with someone you're in love with is a special moment - like spring frozen in time. My desire to use light colours and a lot of pink was fuel by this feeling of eternal spring.

Overall, I am happy with the outcome. It did come out a little darker than I had hoped it would, in terms of saturation. However, if anything, it is a lesson in "less is more". Being a little heavy handed with my paints is a bit of a bad habit for me that I've been trying to work on.

Until next time!

- Sam :)