New Art & Coming Soon: New Shop!

The easiest part about being a modern day artist is making art; the hardest part of being a modern day artist is everything else. That sounds silly, I know. One of those other aspects happens to be the business end of making prints and selling one's own work.Getting prints made has always been a box of chocolates for me. Before I got a digital camera and learned how to properly photograph my artwork, I had to rely on print shops to make scans and copies for me. I tried many different shops and each one was as inconsistent as the last with quality and pricing. It was this frustration that lead me to seek out print on demand websites.At first, these seemed liked an excellent idea. All I had to do was upload my work and - bam! - not only did I have prints available, ย but I also had t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, ect... available. It seemed so simple, but alas, like much in life it was not. Each website I looked into had its own varied list of pros and cons. Some had extremely picky requirements for image file dimensions and size, while others offered very little payout on items sold. The worst part of all them, however, was the time spent uploading, editing, and managing my profile.I'd spend whole weekends trying to make my images fit all the different requirements with vectoring and editing, only to not sell a single thing. That's time I could have been making art! Plus, I don't really blame people for not wanting to purchase things. Stuff on those sites can be expensive, and sadly my work really isn't tailored for it.After much consideration, I've decided to purchase my own quality large format printer and go back to selling mostly just prints, direct from my own website! I'm actually super excited about this since it will also allow me to sell original works and even a few other items too!The skeleton is all set up, so now it's just a matter of adding products. In the next few days I will be adding a small catalog of older pieces, with new ones being added as I complete them. I'm hoping that with more reasonable prices and more profits, I can make more sales and keep my artistic endeavours moving forward.And speaking of new work, I finished one this week! It's a hodge-podge, experimental piece done in the art nouveau style! My next Artist Insight episode will cover it, so please look forward to it! ๐Ÿ˜Š