Long time, no type.

Keeping up a blog is apprently something I'm not very good at.  It's really no surprise to me though, I've never really been one to keep a dairy or journal of any sort.  I always feel too busy to sit down and write stuff down and even worse, for this blog, I wonder if anyone even cares what I have to say, haha.   Really though, the whole point to this humble blog was to document my struggles at becoming an artist.  Partly so that I may inspire other people to go for their dreams, but also, so when I do finally land among the stars, I can look back and get all silly nostalic over my wacky past. (Hehe, yes, I'm terribly optimistic that I will make my dreams come true. n_n).  So with that, I make a promise dear readers (if there are any of you out there), to try a little harder at this here blog thing and not only actually make posts, but make them interesting too. :)Now, on to life as a wannbe artist updates!In the time since my last post and now, I've actually managed to sell a few drawings!  I can't even begin to descirbe the feeling of hearing that someone actually WANTS to pay me money for something I created with my own two hands.  It's especially thrilling to have these commissions appreciated due to the fact they have all been pretty much out side my comfort zone.  One included a portrait of Bob Marley...I was sweating bullets the whole time I sketched and coloured the picture.  With such an iconic face as is, there is very little room for error.  Luckily though I perserverd and my little comfort zone has expanded. A few other drawings I've done are planned to become tattoos!  To be a part of something so perminent and personal is very humbling and I am just honoured to have been asked such a request.  I hope my customers (I have customers! :D) send me photos when they get inked.I've also gotten requests for a couple custom cakes recently too. Decorating cakes is a lot of fun.  I took classes for it when I was about 13 or 14.  It's amazing what can be done with frosting. FYI, fondent tastes like butt.  I think if I ever get the chance to open up a bakery or at least sell cakes as a steady side job, I want to use the name "Le Petite Lapin". It's French for "The Little Rabibt".  For those that know me personally, I'm sure this is no surprise, haha. xDAnd if paintins and cakes weren't enough, I'm also designing fashion accessories and hats....I'm a hungry girl just filling her plate to the brim!  These kind of things though are a bit on the back burner since I have the terrible habit never wanting to wear the stuff I make myself. xP  It's the same for the outfits I make out of thrift store finds.  I'm a fashion junkie. xPI'm also a video game junkie and the Bioshock game sitting next to me is just begging for me to finish it. I gotta say, this is one really, REALLY, good game. Totally living up to the hype and all. Dispite being late to the party with it, I may post a little review about it once I've comleted it.  Now, would you kindly, excuse me. :)