Lazy Summer Bunny

Due all in part to my parents, this little snow bunny has grown up in the hot dry desert of the southwest.  Much like how you can't change a leopard's spots, you can't turn a snow bunny into a jack rabbit.  To my great dismay, 24 years of living in the desert has not adapted me to temperature of 112 degrees fahrenheit.   That's what the high was yesterday and today looking to be very similar.  On days like these, I have a tendency to become infected with the dreaded Summer lethargy.Yesterday saw for me a battle lost to sleeping in late and spending all day with the hum of a cooler and a video game controller in my hand.  With the days drawing nearer to the convention, I really hate wasting away a day in such a fashion, but it just couldn't be helped.  The heat had overloaded my brain.  It zapped me of all energy and wrapped my head in a vice.  Things are looking better today and with some real effort on my part, I will be back on the drawing train tracks in no time!  Admittedly, the one saving grace about this part of the desert, is that it's a dry heat in the least. (It's even kind of catch phrase here!)And yes, I am a total wuss, whiney, baby when it comes to the summer heat.  We all have our kryptonite, and this happens to be mine. :]As I was saying earlier, I spent all of the day playing video games...specifially, the free games Sony gave out to PS Network members.  I went with inFamous and Little Big Planet, both of which I am enjoying.  I like how your choices affect the game in inFamous.  Whenever  play games that give you choices, I like to make the first play through my "true play through" in which I make decisions that I would in real life (it usually means making the "good" choices).  As for LBP, I can't wait to find more accessories and dress up my little sack person!  I can see why it got so many positive reviews when it came out, it's a wonderful game to play.Well, it's past noon now and even as I type this I feel a yawn coming on.  I wont let the laziness get the best of me today!  It's time to be productive and show the hot summer air who's boss! >:D

The summer sun begets in me

a lazy, idle, cloud of anti-productivity.

Lounging by the pool may be fun

but there is no time to lounge when there is work to be done.

Monsoon rains I hope you're near

To drown the plethora of sun we're soaking up this year.

And fill the air with your cool embrace,

Of which I welcome with a smile upon my face.