HEART: Adorabull

This month is already nearing the end, but it was at the start of the month in which Adorabull was painted. This cute calf is a real-life resident of Aimee's Farm Animal Sanctuary. I hadn't originally planned for Aimee's sanctuary to be my pick for July, however, when I saw her post about Adorabull I didn't think twice.


Adorabull (his actual name) was found by a kind couple, abandoned in a ditch at just two weeks old. He wasn't in the beat of health and his survival wasn't clear at first. However, thanks to Aimee and her volunteers, Adorabull was able to fight off an infection and recover. This little guy has since started coming out of his shell and warmed up to the other residents of the sanctuary.

The Sanctuary

This is piece is the second work I've created in honour of Aimee's sanctuary. The previous work being Ethan Hawk the Rooster. Aimee and her crew of volunteers are such and inspiration for their message of compassion and their positive and impactful work in their community.

For the Animals

The sanctuary takes in a variety of farm animals that have been abused, neglected, or were unable to be cared for by their previous owners. Several residents of the sanctuary have special needs - be it physical or emotional - and all are provided the care and love they need to heal and thrive. The sanctuary also works to adopt out animals into forever homes of their own.

For the Community

Truly acting upon the kindness that is spoken of, the sanctuary not only helps out animals in need, but people too. As a trauma survivor herself, Aimee uses her platform to help other survivors of physical and emotional traumas, along with scout troupes, the elderly, and those with special needs. Working with animals can be amazingly therapeutic and healing. Additionally, young people are given the chance to learn important life lessons of kindness and compassion.

What You Can Do!

The sanctuary operates on donations and is always in need of them. You can donate via the Paypal link on the sanctuary's official website HERE (at the bottom of their page).If you rather get your hands dirty with some good ol' farm work, there are also volunteer opportunities available!Maybe farm work isn't your thing - that's okay! You can take it easy and schedule a cow hugging session! That's right, cow hugging! Get cuddly and snugly with one of the sanctuary's friendly cows. Best of all, 100% of the fee goes toward funding the sanctuary, so everyone wins!


The Artistic Process

I approached this painting a little different than usual. I wanted to try a stylized style with lighter colours for a very "watercolour" feel. I started with a light penicl sketch of Adorabull. To create to composition I used pictures from Aimee's Instagram and a stock photo of a calf.Next I added some mega-watered down purple in the places where his fur is actually black. Rather than use a black or grey hue, I opted for purples and blues. Black was saved for important areas like his eyes and for sparing details in his fur. It was a struggle not to get carried away, and in actuality I painted two versions. The first one came out too dark. It didn't have the airy feel I was aiming for. This finaly version you see here is much closers to what I had envisioned from the start. Painting splatters were used as a finishing touch to further highlight the watercolour medium within the work.While this piece seems simple enough, it took me several hours to do. I'm typically not a night owl, but I stayed up until nearly 1:30am! Adorabull had been picked up only a day prior and I wanted to push this piece out in support, ASAP. What's a little sleep derivation when there's art to make and animals to help! :)

Bring Him Home!

To help fundraise for the sanctuary, I will be selling both the original painting and printed reproductions with proceeds of sales donated to Aimee's Farm Animal Sanctuary! As of writing this blog, I am still waiting on my prints to be delivered. For these prints I decided to try a new-to-me print company! I can't wait to see how they turned out! :]Of course, if you don't have room on your walls for cow art, then direct donations to Aimee can be made on her website. Don't forget to follow her on Instagram (@aimeesfarmanimalsanctuary) for updates on Adorabull, Ethan Hawk, and all the other residents who are living their best life with her.See you next blog!And don't forget to be kind to all creatures, big and small.- Sam :]