Have pencils, will travel!

This weekend has been such a whirlwind that I almost forgot to write this week's blog! I have been hard at work trying to finish my current painting, all the while preparing for my summer holiday to Wisconsin!!I am super-mega-excited for this trip! I'll be staying with some dear friends in a cabin by a lake. Nature is where my heart was born, and it's were this city-girl transplant forever yearns to be again.Aside from just being in my true element, I am mega-looking forward to making some art while up there. I find nature to be so calming and inspiring. My focus will probably be landscapes and flora. However, I'm hoping the fresh air will jump start some major creativity in my brain for all kinds of things!As much as I'd love to bring my whole studio along, I'm only bringing the basic necessities with me. Serendipitously, I found a pencil pouch that perfectly matches my gold polka-dot sketch book! In this bag I packed the following:

  • Zebra M-301 0.5mm mechanical pencil with a case of refill lead. - For a long while now, this has been my favourite mechanical pencil.
  • A 4H pencil and a 2B pencil. - The hardness of the 4H pencil makes it great for preliminary sketch work. The 2B is a classic and sometimes drawing with a normal pencil feels better than a mechanical one.
  • A covered pencil sharpener.
  • Sakura Pigma Micron ink liners in sizes 005 and 02. - Sakura markers are probably my favourite brand to use. I typically use these size pens the most, so the fact that Micron liners have sturdy nibs is a mega-plus for me.
  • Prismacolor Primer Fine Liner size 05.
  • Rectangle eraser, a couple pencil end erasers, and a Faber-Castell pencil shaped eraser.
  • A see through and rotating ruler/protractor. - Drawing free handed straight lines is for the birds!
  • A tube of lip balm!

In addition to my DIY traveling artist kit, I am also bringing a Sakura Koi Water Color Pocket Field Sketch Box.Admittedly, this is not a basic necessity. However...how neat is a pocket watercolor field sketch box!! I couldn't pass it up when I saw it at Michael's a few months ago. Hooray for 40% off coupons!The box comes with pull out trays, 24 colours, sponges, and a refillable water brush. To supplement it, I picked up a five pack of fine liner brushes that come in a resealable pouch.Of course, all these supplies would be useless without something to draw on! For the watercolors I have a mixed media sketch book, and for the pencil and ink I'm bringing two pocket sketch books and my gold polka-dot sketch book. One of of the pocket sketch books even fits inside the pencil pouch!*Metal star and flowers not included.I can't wait to try out my travel pack and share with you my travel drawings! Hopefully I'll be able to make some good stuff. Until then, I should probably get to packing the other basic necessities. You know, like, clothes and toiletries!See you in Wisconsin!- Sam :]