Happy New Year! 2018!

I spent a lot of time last year working behind the scenes with my art - learning, growing, and planning for 2018. Last year was a very transitional year for me, both in my personal life and professional life, like water flowing down a river headed for the sea.Being an artist in today's time (well a famous one at least) isn't always a simple task. There's so much more to it than just making art, and that can be a little frustrating. I've had to learn how to be a photographer, cinematographer, video editor, and even learn how to photoshop (for digital photo developing). While I love learning new things, I hated how much it all has taken away from making actual art. It made me a little upset for a while, however, I decided that my artist journey is not a race. Heck, even if it is, I'll be the tortise and that's okay. Once I came to that realization, I took my time to carefully build a foundation for my future plans...Which brings us to today!My goal to begin is to create and upload a minimum of one new video a week! I want to share my process and advice with others in a hope to inspire, just as so many have done for me! I've done a lot of learning about how to record video and edit it, plus I recently invested in a new computer in which to work with! I tried making videos last year, but my previous computer was ancient and couldnt function.I also want to get back into the fun that was fan art. While I still will not be returning to the convention scene this year, I do miss making fun fan art of the shows and games I love. To help scratch that itch, I will be posting every Friday as Fan Art Friday! If it's popular enough, I may even take requests for stuff outsode my interests.These fun projects aside, I have begun working on an art series officall titled "40.03". This is a series I have talked about in the past, but has only now (finally!) come to fruition. This series will have a common thread in terms of subject matter and theme, but will be comprised of pieces created in a variety of mediums. Some of these mediums are still new to me, but I am excited to try them out for real and not just in practice. The first piece of the series has already been completed and the second one started.And lastly, my e-mail mailing list will be sent out the last day of each month to round up the content of that month as well as this blog keeping regularly maintained. My online shop and website will also be getting slight overhaul with better images uploaded to the galleries and old works cleared out.I'm not sure if this all seems like a lot or not to you my dear reader. For me, it is a mega-ton due to having a normal, office day job to contend for the precious resource that is my time (a girl's gotta eat). However, I am determined to keep at it and work hard to make my dreams come true - my selfish dream of fulfilling the yearning in my heart to create, and the pure dream of want to fill the hearts and minds of others with emotion and inspiration.I look forward with optimism for what 2018 hold for me and my artwork, and I hope you do too!Happy New Years and cheers!x - Sam :)