Half-year Review!

I can’t believe that we are already more than half done with 2018. It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the New Year and looking earnestly forward with fresh goals and resolutions – myself included! So, how have I fared with my goals as an artist for this year? Honestly, I’m not too sure. While I have been able to cross a few things off my to-do list, there is still a great number of things I am actively working towards. Yet, I’ve already learned so much in this year for all I’ve yet to accomplish.The trial-and-error learning curve I felt last year seems to have spilled over into this one, as much of my time has once again been spent learning from the mistakes of my endeavors. It can be mega-frustrating when it feels like you are constantly coming across road blocks and pitfalls, but sometimes it’s the only way to learn new things or improve one’s skills. This is especially true when it comes to the business side of the art world. Managing my own website, social media, print making, and everything else that is needed to be a successful artist in today’s art scene are all things I’ve had to learn how to do. I do my best to research stuff, but I always end up bumbling around in the end.On the bright side, all my bumbling around has given me some great ideas for tutorials – both in blog and video form. I hope they can help others taking the same self-taught and self-navigated path as me.Despite the learning curve slowing me down at times, I have been able to produce a fair amount of varied artwork in the recent months. Along with that, I’ve also learned some awesome new techniques. My first and foremost goal at the start of the year was to simply produce more work, and that I have! Even now, I have several pieces I’m actively working on and one I just finished!The one resolution I can’t seem to stick with has been my resolve to be more active online. My original goals regarding this was to post blogs, videos, and artwork weekly. I got off to a great start in the first few months of the year with weekly posts and uploads, but that was only because I had backlog content to work from. I use the excuse of being an “an artist first and business girl second” to justify choosing to work on actual art instead of working on online content. In all honesty though, I just really suck at time-management. I set my focus on making art without setting any time aside to promote it.I want to get better with my time management and improve my level of online exposure. To help with that, I made myself a schedule for daily, weekly, and bi-weekly content uploads – photos, blogs, and videos respectively. This blog is essentially my first step towards that!There’s still plenty of time left in the year to improve and chase after dreams, however near or far they may seem. And there is always something new to learn, whether you aim to or not.All in art,Sam :]