Dream Bunny Dream

I should have been in bunny dream land two hours ago (with a work day starting in about three hours or so), but what the hell, here's a late night post.  So, what's kept me up so late tonight?  Well, one reason is to type this blog since it's been a while (sorry!) and the other is the wonderous, confusing, don't-know-where-to-start world of website making.  I figure it's about time I get a website up and running.  The thing is, I'm not mega-savy when it comes to those kinds of things.  Even back in the day when Myspace was king of the social circles, I failed to learn html.  Copy/pasta was my best friend for all those snazzy layouts I had, and while signing up to pre-existing sites like facebook and wordpress is cake, starting one from scratch is having me scratch my head.  Have you ever tried finding a web host?  There's a bajillion of them out there!  Finding decent reviews is even more confusing.  For every "yay!" there's a "nay" warning you to stay far, far away.  With so many scammers out there I didn't want to just blinding hand over my info and funds to the first web hosting host I clicked on.  Thankfully, when I suffer tomorrow (actually, today...) at the office from lack of sleep, it wont be for naught.  I did mangage to find a reputible (that's probably spelt wrong, and that's ok!) company to host my future webpage!  In addition, I also came across a mailing list site.  Once I get a site up a running, I'll be able to take e-mails and send out newsletters and such.AND once I get that site up and running, I can fill it with all the new pieces I've been working on for my first ever comic convention appearance! *Mega-Sparkle!*  It's not unil November but I'm so excited about my decision to register a table!!!  The name will be a secret until the registration is office.  The website for it still hasn't posted the 2011 registration info yet.  I know I'm jumping the gun in my jubilation, but in a way it helps keep me focused on my goals for this year.  ...Speaking of which, if I am to fund my goals I need to work my day job so I think it's time I get to sleep while there is still some to have.Good night and sweet bunny dreams! :]