Convention Diaries! - Prescott Valley S.A.F.E.con 2014

Right on the coat tails of Con-Nichiwa, I attened S.A.F.E.con in Prescott Valley, AZ yesterday. A sci-fi, anime, fantasy, etc... convention, this was a bit of a last minute  event, having only found out about it two days prior.Unlike all the conventions I've done so far, this was not a show I signed up for of my own accord. Instead, I got an invite! Such an honour and a privilege! Once the initial shock wore down, I had to put my business cap on and make arrangements. All day after everything was set and ready to go, I remained stupid giddy.The morning of the show was a rough one for me. As with all my shows, everything that can go arwy will: from prints to clothes to time management. I'm pretty determined though, so I did my best to make the best of everything. A positive attitude can work wonders so despite a few set backs, things were able to smooth out.I love shows that require me to travel. I'm a girl in love with the world! The three hour drive to Prescott Valley was a mostly pleasant one. It was awesome watching the flora change with the elevation. The whole time I was reminded of Red Dead Redemption as I zipped through the desert and grass lands. Not getting lost along the way was equally awesome. I have a horrible sense of direction, but I managed to find my way decently. (I've once ended up in whole other towns due to being lost!)I always get super nervous when I get to the actual venue. Even though this was a very small convention in comparison to others I've done, the nerves still shook a bit. Much to my relief, the staff and volunteers were all extremely nice. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Even better, the organization was on point.imageFrom start to finish, the convention was excellent. I'm still boasting about how great the attendees were. Prescott Valley is filled with some very nice people and teenagers. I had the best time talking and chatting with everyone. I was even given the honour of critiquing some of the local talent (I'm still impressed!). One guy even asked for my autograph and gave me a drawing of his a gift! Con souvenirs like that are treasures! I even got an origami dinosaur, how cool is that! :DBy far the best interaction I had that day was a girl who said my work inspired her. The feeling knowing I can inspire a fellow artist (a talented one too) is just beyond. That moment will be a permanent memory for me. In turn, I find myself inspired to keep what I'm doing. It's like proof to me that I'm on the right track with my career choice and art truly is my passion.AND on top of it all, I sold artwork and lots of it! Sales are always important because it allows me to keep doing shows and making art. There's a reason the "starving artist" expression exists. Thankfully, I only had to starve yesterday because I was too busy chatting and enjoying the convention to take a break. :]S.A.F.E.con is probably the smallest convention I've done so far, but it is also totally one of the best one too. It was such a wonderful experience and I really, mega-hope to be invited back next year! Before heading home, I ended the day with a delicious steak dinner at Leff-T's Steakhouse in neighboring Dewy-Humbolt, AZ. Awesome roadside find and highly recommend by me should you be in the area!imageI look forward all great people and yummy food art leads me to next!Best regards, always,Sam :]