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After about 2 years of using Blogger, I've decided to come back to Word Press for my blogging needs. While I don't update as much as I'd like too, I couldn't see letting what few posted I had just disappear from my delete account. So, being the little pack rat I'm capable of being, I've copy and pasted my previous blogs in to one giant post!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lucky Cold

To quote Michael Scott, "I'm not superstitions, but I'm a littlesitious," especially when it comes to charms of good luck. That's why you'll find me walking under ladders and crossing the paths of black cats, but saying rabbit rabbit like my life depends on it every month and only picking up pennies if Lincoln is there to greet me.
Hopefully with that preface, I wont sound to crazy when I say I caught a lucky cold this past week. Yes, it is my belief that catching a cold at the beginning of the year is actually good fortune! I see it as getting all of the bad energy out so the rest of the year can experience good health and happiness. I know medically, that's a load of rubbish, however, the positive spin does make dealing with a stuffy head and sore throat a lot easier. Not to mention, having an excuse to stay home and play video games instead of shuffling papers in an office is still pretty awesome even when one is hacking up a lung.Whatever it is you find luck in, I hope you have lots of it this year!Happy New Year!Best Regards,Sam :]

Monday, November 4, 2013

6th Annual Tucson Comic-con: Days 1 & 2

Last night marked the end of the 6th annual Tucson Comic Con. It seemed to take forever to get here and it flew like the Flash. This was by far the best year yet for this con and me. I got to talk to a ton of fun and interesting people, including some who meet me last year!
Things got off to a rocky start the day before withe the set up, but Day 1 was nothing of the sort. I made it to the hall with plenty of time to spare before the doors opened for the public and got straight to work getting my display up and ductaped like crazy to the table and floor.This year my table was right by the entrance and it was fun watching the crowd of comic geeks rush in when they opened. I was able to make my first sale of the show not too long after that. It was such an amazing feeling and it set a wonderful tone for the rest of the day. One of my favorite compliments was from a kidwho exclaimed so matter-of-factly that one of my oil landscape paintings was a "Bob Ross". Day one was a nine hour day and not once did it drag or feel long.Since day two was also the last day of the con, it ended a couple of hours earlier, but it too was jam packed with awesomeness. Over all the tone of the day was a hair less frantic than the day before. At the start of it people trickled in and it didn't really pick up until the afternoon.
A few of my personal friends stopped by to say hello. That's always fun and very encouraging for me as an inspiring artist. Sometimes it's not enough to just believe in yourself, so knowing that others believe in what I'm trying to is very inspirational. Aside from my established friends, I even made a few new ones! Making a connection to fans is a cool experience.
Commission requests were not as popular this time around, though I did get to do one of American McGee's Alice and the Carpenter. That was a fun piece to work on as I've never drawn those characters before.

I sold enough prints to turn a small profit which was nice, however, I don't do this for the money. Yes, the dollar bills keep me in business, but it was equally satisfying just to see people point out their favoriteillustrations on my wall of stuff or utter a "cool!" or "pretty!" as they walked by.Aside from the awesome attendees, I am happy to report I had some awesome booth neighbors too. I admit, I've had neighbors who were less than awesome in the past, so it's always a blessing counted when they are courteous and polite even when you only have to deal with them for two days.Over all, the con was a great experience and I very much look forward to manning a booth again next year. The Tucson comic-con holds a special place in my heart as my first convention ever and it's been a joy to watch the convention grow through the years. I'm sure next year will be even bigger than this one. As long as I'm able to keep meeting fantastic people and as long as it all remains a fun experience, I'll continue to go. As of right now, I don't see any of that changing.Now on to the next!!!Best regards always,Sam :]

Saturday, November 2, 2013

6th Annual Tucson Comic-con: Day 0

As I start to type this, it is nearing 2 o’clock in the morning. With a 7 AM wake up call, I should be hand in paw with the dream bunnies, yet here I am with a doozy of a day to chronicle. Today was Day 0 of the Tucson Comic-con. The set up day where it’s kind of important that things go smoothly. Naturally, nothing went smoothly.  
First there was breakfast. I decided to start my day with some McDonalds, breakfast of champs, I know. Being the breakfast hour, the place was packed and thus my order was slightly off. It wasn't a big deal or anything to complain about, so I didn't think much of it.
Next up was prints! Yes, due to scheduling conflicts, I was forced to wait until last minute to get my prints made for the convention. The last time I went in, it was a very pleasant experience. The staff was helpful, the prints exactly how I wanted them, and the price right. This time, however, we pretty much opposite of that all around. The sassy clerk was rather irksome and ended up printing all my stuff on paper that was too big. On top of that, the second I walk in with my complicated order, is when half my town decided they too need copies of stuff. I understood the frustrations of the staff, as my day job is dips heavily into the customer service pot, so instead of being picky about paper size and quantity, I just let the sassy lady do as she pleased. In the end the prints came out nice despite the fact they cost far much more than I had estimated and had to spend about two hours trimming the excess edges off, thus throwing me way behind schedule.
Once that hurdle was jumped, it was time dash down to the hardware store for display material! I used PVC pipes at the Phoenix Comic-con earlier in the year for my display and they worked great. I didn't think replicating that would be any big deal or challenge. Haha, I was soooooooooooooooo mega-wrong. Buying the stuff was the easy part. Once I was able to start setting up my stuff I realized one of the key parts for the set up was totally wrong…and also I accidentally misjudged the height of the display. For whatever hare-brained reason, I though 9 feet would be totally great. It was in fact not great. Simple physics should have clued me in that a structure that tall needs to have damn good support and common sense should have said that’s too tall. After 3-4 hours trying to get a 6’Wx9’H pipe display to work I learned the valuable lesson that physics are important and PVC is really frustrating to take apart. In the end the display didn't make it up. I’ll have to trim the pipes once I wake up from what will end up being a nap tonight/this morning. I also plan to ductape the shit out of it to the table to keep it from falling like it did so many times as I tried keeping it up and stable.
After trips to a closed for the day ACE, Home Depot, Office Max, and Target for various things, I finished my table set up as best I could and decided to end the day on a good note with a treat at a local café. The café itself was really nice. It felt good to relax and put something in my stomach. HOWEVER, it should be no surprise that the universe had one more prank in store for me. Foolishly I took my art portfolio in to the café with me. My portfolio is full of original artwork spanning over four years of work…and just like that, I forget it when I leave. Yes, the one tangible thing in this world that gives my humble life meaning for existence, I leave in a fucking café booth.  Thank all that is holy that I was able to get it back though.  And thank my lucky starts above for a wonderful friend to have picked it up for me.
Despite all the strike outs, pot holes, hurdles, and stumbles, today was a good day as everything that went wrong ended up being ok in the end.  And best of all it was certainly a memorable day to say the least. I do hope the remaining con days are a bit less manic and crazy; I’m not sure I can keep up this pace with out some sort or repercussion. That said, even if days 1 and 2 are just as crazy, I’m confident I can at the very least survive them too!
And with that, I leave you dear reader to join the dream bunnies and rest up for the first day of the 6th Annual Tucson Comic-con. :]Best Regards Always,Sam :]

Friday, September 13, 2013

Miss Y

I'm no stranger to entering art contests, and like wise, I am no stranger to losing. It seems I have failed to place in my latest efforts. I know one day I will sit in a interview chair and chuckle about how I had to loose a thousand times to make it there, but right now it's just frustrating. I will remain steadfast, however! Giving up all together is the ultimate failure, and I refuse to do that. I hope for all those who sail in the same sea as me, you don't give up either. Your day in the sun will come and it will be wonderful!
I am so thankful to have supportive family and friends who continue to believe in me. It's easy to hold on to your dreams when you have people to believe in you when you don't always believe in yourself.
And at times like this, I love to listen to the Marina and the Diamonds track Miss Y.
I feel like a substitute sittin' on the side line,
Clicking every single finger waiting for the right time,
I feel like a substitute sittin' pretty in my prime,
I'm about to play the game 'cause I'm running out of time.
Drop your knees to the floor, 
Hands to the sky,
Give a round of applause for the great Miss Y
I walked all night long in the dark just to be standing here
Only to feel like nobody and Miss why am I here?
And the lights, they get stronger the longer that you have to wait
for the honour, the honour to be great.
I feel like I'm stuck inside a race, feel like I'm catching up,
Oh Marina, what a shame you didn't make the upper cut!
Feel like I'm stuck inside a race, feel like I'm catching up,
Oh Marina, we're so sorry, but you didn't make the cut.
Those lyrics couldn't describe how I feel any better. For every instance I feel like I'm getting close to something big, those hopes get dashed. I'm not getting any younger, I don't want to wait until I'm old and grey to be something.
That's probably the hardest thing about have big dreams: risk. I put my everything in to art and with it the risk of losing myself if I can't succeed.
Today I will go to bed sad, but tomorrow I will wake up and get right back to work. One day I WILL make the cut and the lights will be all the brighter for having to have waited so long for me to take the stage.
Best regards,
P.s. Miss Y if you haven't heard it!
P.p.s My non-winning entry.
The video for it can be seen here:
Speed Illustration - The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Console Crisis!

There are few things in life that cause the pit of my stomach to echo with pangs of worry. Generally, I'm a carefree girl that takes what comes with ease, because why worry over stuff that isn't in my control?  My office day job has already planted enough grey hairs on my head, why add more? For all that doesn't bother me, there are a few things that do and one of those things is a broken video game console.
Such a tragedy happened to me two nights ago...Back tracking a bit, for those that don't follow my facebook, I'm a video game crack addict.  I need video games in my life like some people need air.  That's not even an exaggeration. I game at least two hours almost every day. I've been known to take off entire weeks from my office day job to spend them marathon gaming, and I often paint while gaming (yay! for loading screens! haha).  I've been a gamer since I was at least three years of age, and I say at least because that's about as far back as I can remember. I have the hobby to thank for having one very mega-important person in my life, as well as a big influence on my artistic endeavours. In case the point is still being missed, Video games have been and still are a mega-big deal in my life.Going back to that night, it should now come as no surprise that my reaction to an Xbox system error was a touch dramatic. Life had been really nice to me these past two days. I had two pleasant days in a row (new record!) at the office day job that I hate with the passion of a thousand angry sand crabs marching toward the sea; my weekend from said job had just started; after a two week hiatus due to a cold, I was able to get back into my workout routine; I was feeling pretty damn happy, and decided the best way to celebrate was a little Xbox time.  I had recently gotten back to playing Borderlands 2, and was itching to finish up the side quests for the achievement...however, the Universe had other plans for me.I powered on my console only to be greeted by and ugly red LED light. This had happened about two weeks ago, but I was able to get the console to work after turning it off and back on. Remembering this, I took a deep breath and powered it off, counted to 10, and then turned it back on. ...Yeah, spoiler alert, it didn't work. I turned it off and on no less than five times, I unconnected EVERYTHING and plugged everything back in, but to no avail. A veil of "Oh my fucking God, my Xbox is broken" washed over me like a wave that is trying to drown you in the ocean during a night time dip.Quickly I rushed to the Internet to assess and troubleshoot the situation. According to the Internet, my system error could be fixed.  The methods were all shoddy though and made me feel uncomfortable. One suggested wrapping the console in a blanket and letting it overheat, while another talked about jamming the internal fan. The ones that made the most sense involved cracking the case open and poking at the chips inside. With my luck, Deciding it wouldn't be worth the possibility of messing things up further, I let my console be and decided to take it in for repairs the following morning.At this point, I had calmed down for the most part, however, a part of me still wanted to be angry. As I said earlier, life had been going mega-well for me those past two days so it's only natural I wanted to blame something for the first world crisis I was enduring the moment. For as much as I wanted to complain about how the universe was screwing me over, I couldn't though.Something else you should also know about me, I'm terribly optimistic.  It's my super power that I can put a positive spin on nearly anything.This particular trait was working in overdrive that night. As much as I didn't want to admit it, because I was upset as all hell, I felt like the Universe was not trying to screw me, but saying, "you have more important things to be doing right now, so here's a time out from your crack habit."Yeah, I admit, with all the games that had come out recently, I had been spending too much time with a controller in and and not a paint brush. A broken console is a harsh way to come to a realization, but it's effect none-the less.Worried and angry, I choose to not let the evening go to waste. Instead of gaming (because Xbox isn't the only console I have) I sat down and painted. It felt good to use that "free" time wisely and productively.  It was in that moment I resolved to cut back on the gaming for a bit. I love gaming, but I have artist dreams that need some attention.  Gaming will always be there for me, but artist opportunities will not.THE NEXT DAY...After the drama and tears (only on the inside), I woke up the next morning with fingers crossed and I plugged my Xbox back in. ...Nope, still broken...I had hoped that after a night of rest, the console would magically fix itself, but no, I would find it had not. Still, there was hope it could be fixed, so with optimism in my heart, I packed up my baby and headed off to a local game store.The whole way there I tried to keep my worry at bay. I really couldn't afford to buy a new Xbox of the same caliber, and worse, all my game save data! What would happen to those?!Walking into the store I kept a smile on my face as I explained the problem and watched them take apart the face of the system.  Hooking it up to a mini diagnostic screen I crossed my fingers. After looking things over for a minute, the clerk sighed and I knew there would be no good news.My console wasn't just comatose, it was brain dead.  The problem behind the error message was a fried chip on the mother board, a problem the game store could not fix.  I cringed at the thought of having to send it out for repair and I certainly did not want a refurbished one.Then my concerns of my save data popped into my head. It was then the clerk donned his awesome hat. He told me not worry, that the data could be transferred into the hard drive of a new console. I was still faced with having to buy a brand new system, something this starving artist could not really afford at the moment. The though of not having an Xbox did not bode well for me. However, once again, the clerk proved he was an awesome dude.The Evil Used Game Sellers (real name omitted because I don't like them) were running a sale that very weekend, doubling the in store credit for trade in merchandise  Knowing that, Awesome Game Clerk gave them a ring and verified the sale was still going on. After getting off the phone with what was essentially a rival business  he directed me to take my deceased console over to them (even told me which store to avoid due to the manager being a dick) and trade it in for a bare bones new Xbox system, making sure to keep my old hard drive. He further explained that with the new system and my old hard drive, I could transfer that data into a compatible hard drive for the new system and all could be right in my world again.I thanked him kindly for all the help and advice and promptly set off on my new quest!  I had only packed the console along, so I raced home to retrieve the crappiest controller I had and cables.  In a hurried frenzies  I then dashed over to The Evil Used Game Sellers.Unsurprising, they weren't very pleasant to deal with or very helpful. Trying to sell me stuff I didn't want or need all the while acting like pompous douches. Whatever, with their crazy sale, I was able to get a new console nearly half off the sticker price.With the new console in tow, it was back to Game Traders were Mr. Awesomely helpful worked.  For a small fee of $20, they transferred all my old data into a new hard drive of the same size and all was right in my world again.This was only the second time I had lost a console. The first being my first console ever, an NES. It's death was the result of a careless cousin dropping it. It doesn't hurt any less the second time around.It sucked to have to go through all that drama, but it's certainly something to be able to say I played my console hard.

Monday, January 14, 2013

My hunger monster is a sucker for subliminal messaging.

I am a girl that is easily persuaded by food and even more easily impression-ed by seeing it in media. If it looks good on TV, I'll instantly crave it!  I have to avoid the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. My hunger monster just can't handle it. One example is when I watched the k-drama Pasta. As I cheered for the two leads to fall in love, my tummy cheered for some Olive Garden. I craved pasta and Italian food for months after I had finished the series!  So, it wasn't a surprise that I developed a craving for seolleongtang after watching Brilliant Legacy/Shinning Inheritance

Shinning Inheritance (as I believe it is now called) is a k-drama that centers around an orphaned girl caught in the middle of a family squabble over a food company with restaurants specializing in that particular kind of soup.  I had never had it before, but it looked soooooo mega-good in the show.  It looked like one of those warm comfort foods that compliment a cold, grey day.  It's been months since I watched the last episode, but that pang in my gut still remained.
That is, until this past Saturday!  I waited for a nice cold, grey day to arrive my way and with out much deliberation, decided to treat my hunger monster with the long awaited seolleongtang soup!
To be honest, I didn't give much thought to what it would taste like.  I didn't even know how it was made other than the English description of "beef bone broth soup" listed in the menu. Even with my non-expectations, it was still unexpected in texture and taste.  I never would have thought it to be so creamy.  Different as it was, it was not a disappointment. The beef in the the soup was mega-tender!  If I could have had a plate of nothing but the beef, I would have been content all the same.  
One of my favorite things about Korean meals, are all the sides that accompanied the main dish.  The soup was of not exception to this.  Complimenting the bone broth was rice, kimmchi, cucumbers, spinach  radish, spices, salt, and potatoes.  Delicious, even on their own, the sides added the perfect touch to my cold weather meal.
For 45 minutes I was in seolleongtang heaven!!!  I can't think of a more perfect way to have spent such a cold winter day, and best yet I had such wonderful company to enjoy it with too!  Food is great, but only with a friend is a meal grand!
 With the seolleongtang out of the way, I have yet to find a new craving to replace it. My appetite is so insatiable  though, it is only a matter of time.  Heck, I once got a craving for a nice steak dinner while watching The Hunt for Red October from a scene that lasted no more than five minutes!!!  As silly as it is, I look forward to whatever adventure my next food craving brings!
 ...and now I'm hungry all over again!
С уважением,
Sam :]

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! Happy 2013!

 For my first blog of the new year, I'd like to say:
Of my humble 26 years of life, 2012 has been by far the best! I thank my lucky stars for the people and places I've seen! My family forest has grown thick with healthy beautiful trees, the ship I built of artist dreams has finally set sail, and my heart is still beating like it should both with blood and love. Cheers to 2013, the Year of the Snake! :]And with that out of the way, time for a mega-trite blog about resolutions! Because it's fitting and why not! :DI've got the usual bullet points on my list: eat healthier, save money, exercise more, ect..., but my number one resolution this year is to not procrastinate so much.  I've always been a big procrastinator, but I've never really given much thought too it.  I always chalked it up to being lazy or having poor time management skills. Then one day I saw a quote about how perfectionist are the worst procrastinators because they fear they do not have the proper skills to complete the task so instead of trying, they just don't try at all.Not a second after reading that, it dawned on me that most of my procrastination habits stem from this fear.  I've always believed that despite fears, I never let them stop me, yet unbeknownst to me fear has had it's claws dug into me all this time!  I've had more than a few false starts and dead ends with my art because of procrastination.  I touched a bit on this with a previous post about my first oil painting, but even then I didn't realize how big a problem I was dealing with.I even procrastinate with these blog posts because I'm worried I don't have anything interesting to say (and I acknowledge this isn't a very interesting post itself, mega-sorry about that!). Even this blog itself is me procrastinating on working on other projects.So, that ends today!!! No more procrastinating!!! Well, maybe with my laundry and doing the dishes, but not with my art!!!I want to be able to say 2013 was the best year ever!!! And procrastinating wont make that happen.  I've got a mega-ton of ideas planned for promoting, traveling, and creating. I'm going to take last year as me setting the ground work. I was just practicing swings in the dug out, but this year...this is the year I step up to the plate. The year I swing at the ball and hear the crack of the bat!  This is the year I pop that ball out of the field and make a home run dash!And with all that said, I will turn this into a weekly blog! If I am to have interesting things to say, I can't procrastinate about doing interesting things!I wish you all the mega-best with your own New Year's resolutions, and I wish you all the very best with the New Year itself!Best  Regards!- Sam :]

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Early Morning Conte Stick FAIL

Are you a morning person? I certainly am not.  For some reason, human interaction in the first few hours of my by being awake are almost impossible.  Oddly enough, I'm totally fine and dandy otherwise and it is in those few hours that I often feel the most productive and energetic.  Apparently the part of my brain that makes me a sociable and friendly person likes to hit the snooze button. It's only when other people get thrown into the mix that I transform into a horrible grizzly bear monster bent on the destruction of the world. Luckily for the world (and my office day job co-workers), the feeling doesn't last all day.
When I'm not being a horrible grizzly bear monster (TM), one of my favorite things to do upon waking up, aside from eating breakfast, is to draw.  Sometimes I get lucky and will start a project that turns into a legit piece of art work; sometimes I merely doodle for a few hours. In either case, there is just something really inspiring  and energizing about the sun light as it pours though my open window.  As the birds chirp and the sun continues to make it's way above the mountain range that my window frames, I can't help but feel the urge to create!Today's morning was no different.  I woke up feeling fresh off the boat from sailing the sea of dreams for eight hours and the best part was I didn't have to talk to anyone!  ...It sound horrible, but I promise I'm really a nice person outside that whole "not a morning person" thing.   Anyway, after pouring a hot cup of coffee I decided to doodle a bit.It wasn't long into my doodling that I decided to try some portrait drawing. I'm a newbie when it comes to realistic portraits, but with a pencil, I feel there is nothing I can't draw with a little practice.  My pencil sketch was coming out pretty well, not awesome, but nice enough.  It was at that point I decided to try artsy-ing it up with some conte sticks I had in my desk drawer.First thing you should know, I've never used conte sticks before this morning.  I bought them a long time ago because they sounded cool, but promptly left them to collect dust in my desk.Armed with the facts that I'm a newbie to portraits and a newbie to conte sticks, it should be apparent to where this is going...

Conte sticks are hella messy, to say the least.  I thought I was bad with oil paint, but these may take the cake.  My bad habit of resting my hand on the work surface did me ZERO favors with this particular endeavor. Right off the bat, I ended up smearing black conte stick stuff all over the paper.  In an effort to fix it, I just kept adding more and more conte stick stuff.  In retrospect, that was a stupid thing to do.  I was smearing what was already on the paper as it was, what made adding more seem like a good idea? I would love to blame the fact I hadn't had breakfast yet, and thus my decision making skills were in a weakened state, but I think it was just my being dumb in the moment.  My cute doodle of my BFF's son was quickly becoming my own version of the botch ecce homo fresco.  The more I added, the worse it got.  Stuff started falling out of proportion and my hands just got more and more caked with conte as the stuff got more and more smeared over the paper.

At one point I kinda half gave up and just started making squiggly lines all over it.  I'm not one for giving up completely, but there is a point when you should know when to fold them and try again with a new hand.In the end, I didn't manage to save the drawing or make it into a nice piece of artwork.  Instead, it ended up being a mess of lines and a mess of black conte stuff all over my hands.  I don't feel discouraged though.  One must begin somewhere.  Sometimes, as the case with oil painting, I started off with a mega-huge step forward.  In this particular instance,  my first step was very small.  The important detail, however, that small as it was, it was still a step forward...and still not as bad as the botch ecce homo fresco, if I do say so, lol.My shinny, sunny morning is starting to blossom into an afternoon and my inner angry bear has turned in for the day. Time to make art for reals...or fail some more. Either way I'll continue my journey of improvement with every step and misstep of the way!Всего наилучшего!

- Sam :]

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pot Holes in the Path

 The road to Fame may be paved with golden sand, but it is not without a few pot holes!  Such is the experience I felt attending my most recent convention.
Things were rocky from the start with the table registration itself.  Somehow, my registration and inquiry e-mails got “lost” in the system.  I had paid in full for my table so with receipt in hand, I showed up for the event with my fingers crossed that they would honour it and have a spare table for me.  Thankfully, the receipt was proof enough and I was able to snag the last available table.
The whole scene was a bit nerve wracking.  As per usual, I showed up way later than I had planned for and malnourished since starting the day.  With only 30 minutes to get set up and deal with the registration fiasco, I was pretty stressed.  I could feel the heat of nerves and frustration rise in my cheeks as I was passed about different staff members while they figured out what to do.
In the mists of that, I had to make the trek back to my car in order to get my wares.  It was sooooo MEGA-hot outside! My internal temperature was already boiling due to the registration error and my low blood sugar, but to add the hot summer temperature to that was just too much.  I needed a shower by the time I got back to my table and worse, I broke another sweat just setting up my booth!  In haste I got my table in proper order and then promptly collapsed in a chair with five minutes to space with vain hopes to cool down before a rush of attendees came through.
The first day of a con is always a tangled wreck of nerves, haste, and excitement.   This was no different, so I sat there sparkly eyed despite all the misfortune.  Then the day progressed…

Once the Vendor/Artist hall opened the flood of people to check out what I had to offer, akin to what I had experienced at previous conventions, never happened.  In very basic terms, my table was out right ignored.  Even more disheartening were those that did take a look at my work only to shrug and continue on their way.  Both days were filled with those two scenes on repeat.  With every new hopeful prospect stopping to look at my artwork, the Phoenix of my dreams was born only to die again and again in an explosion of flames as they dismissed my work.

To top it all off, I was getting my dreams trampled on by smug teenagers no less.  As an artist always striving to be better I appreciate constructive criticism, however, I do not tolerate rudeness.  One guy had the nerve to call some of my stuff “standard”, and then proceeded to try haggling me into selling him stuff at a discounted price. Did he offer suggestions for my “standard” work or give reason why? Nope, just an off handed comment that served no purpose.
That particular instant only slightly out shined the rest of the negative feedback by a hair as it was all equally lack purpose. My talent may not be of everyone’s taste, but that is no reason to discredit it. The great lesson I learned attending this convention is that teenagers of the anime fandom are snobs.  You may be able to draw like da Vinci, but if that illustration doesn’t comprise of their favorite characters, than they want nothing to do with it and will not acknowledge it.  I caught on pretty quick to the error in my fallacy that good work would be noticed regardless of being original, and it was further ingrained in my thanks to another artist helpful advice.
Artwork aside, the attendees where certainly the amongst the least polite people I have ever encountered.  Saying “hello” garnered zero response 95% of the time and when asking someone how they were, a curt “good” was about the only thing given in reply.  Being glared at by strangers is not fun and that’s pretty much the reaction my friendly smile earned every time. I didn't even get to have a nerdy conversation with anyone about my favorite shows!  It was mega-odd to feel like such an outsider in my own fandom. I may not fly my freak flag very high, but I'm just as privy as the next otaku.It should be noted, that all was not for loss or negative.  There were a few sunny moments to be had and cherished.  One lady in particular mega-loved my work and despite her disinterested daughter, raved over my work and ended up purchasing a print that she said she would cherish forever.  More still was a fellow artist that exclaimed my prints were worth far more than what I was selling them for.  A writer even took interest in my stuff for future novel covers!  These moments, while few and far between were blessings that weekend; when placed among coals, diamonds shine the brightest.
It was a hard weekend for my ego monster, but it did not leave me discouraged. Just like hitting a pot hole in the road, you cringe but don’t pull over to ponder over it.  My golden road to fame has yet to become easy as I continue on this journey to greatness, however, with a resolve so strong there is no need for easy.
I say I walk the road lined with knives in reference to the song Mowgli’s Road, by Marina and the Diamonds because I truly feel of all the places I could wish to take my life, the decision to become an artist was not the safest by any measure of the word (my family does not agree with the decision either and fears for me the hardships I will and have faced).  Like the song says, I have taken the forsaken road.  Last weekend’s events reminded me of the hardships that accompany such dreams as a becoming and artist. That said, I have yet to have any regrets, the forsaken road does not scare me, and I refuse to let it completely best me.  Knives may be dangerous to fall on, but they can be assets when wielded!
Do you have dreams so big they seem fit to be pie’s in the sky? Always remember, there is no magic to be found in dreams coming true. It is on steps carved of blood, sweat, and tears that dreams transcend the realm of the imagination into the plane of reality. It is only after the toil is done, that magic may bloom like a flower in the sun.Всего наилучшего!
- Sam :]
P.S. Super mega-thank you to Carlos for all helping me keep sane and keeping me fed!!! You were and are a doll!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A New Frontier!

"You never know what you are capable of until you give it a try."That was the mantra I had to keep repeating to my self as I stared at a blank canvas and a palette of fresh oil paints for the very first time in my life.  Being nervous about trying something new is nothing new for me, in fact,  I've written about it several times before. However, this time there seemed to be far more at stake.  Even if just to myself, this painting had become a test of skill with my pride as an artist on the line. What if I'm not as talented as I think I am???!!!!Going into it, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know where to start or even what to do after that. I may be a decent watercolourist, however, I have heard many times that oil painting is of a different breed.I love working with watercolours, however, without the ability to paint with oils (anything really) I have never felt truly comfortable in calling myself an artist.  Being able to produce high caliber works like those of the great art masters (who produced such beautiful art in oils) has always been a dream of mine.  I built up the magnitude of oil painting so high in my mind that there I stood, one foot ready to take the step toward that lofty goal with the other foot slightly too afraid to move.With the deadline for the painting looming ever closer (it was a commissioned piece), I had to stop being a coward and get to work regardless of fear.

And so, I found a new quote to heed:"I am not fearless; I am courageous."Yes! It takes courage to forge forward with fear sitting on your shoulders whispering sweet nothings into your ear.I charged ahead with the painting and when all was said and done, I felt a little foolish for having almost been too afraid of failure to try (and too afraid to wait so long to try).  The painting ended up really nice, my best work yet, if I do say so.  Not to say there weren't times while painting that I still didn't have doubts about how it would turn out.  At those moments, I had to just remind myself A) it's a commissioned piece, you don't have time to start from scratch, and B) BE COURAGEOUS!I also come to find how not hard oil painting is.  Since the paint take a bazillion years (totally accurate number, by the way) to dry, fixing the umpteen mistakes I kept making was easier than what really should be allowed.  I am certainly no master with oils, but I do feel my dream of becoming a world famous artist creating great works like those of DaVinci, Michelangelo, Rubens, and Monet is at least not as far fetched as I once thought.Dreams are always going to be full of challenges and obstacles to overcome, but with every challenge faced and won, those dreams get closer and the monster that is self doubt grows a bit more hushed in it's anti-encouragement.I wonder what the next challenge will be?I look forward to it.Всего наилучшего!- Sam :]

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Doors

Life is what you make of it.  They are words I've always held steadfast in my mind.Even from a young age, I've known from inside my soul, I didn't want a quiet life.  I yearned for adventure!  I dreamed of seeing the world and fell in love with the idea of it.  It's been 25 years in the making, but I think the door to my heart's desire is finally opening.It should be noted, I didn't just happen to walk by a door ajar. Nor, was there anyone to kindly turn the knob for me.  With trembling hands, I had to face that door myself and take hold of the brass.  The unknown is always scary, but even with thoughts of rejection and defeat working their way into my brain like a worm on its way to an apple core, I had to take the chance that I would like what I found.I have opened many doors in my brief lifetime, and not all of them have led me into rooms I liked.  Some were horrid and filled with stagnant air; some were nice, but only for a visit; and then there is the one that I mention earlier. That last one was the scariest looking door of all.  It looked like it would hurt to touch with a cold handle and a dark finish.Life is what you make of it.Yes! These words will be my strength, courage, and armor against any monster that lurks in the shadows on the other side.  What about the weapon?  Hmm...simple.LUCK is what you make of it.Good luck, bad luck, it's all a matter of perspective.  For all those doors that opened up to an empty abyss or rooms filled with toxic air, I've always managed to make some part of it work out in the end through sheer determination and moxey! The best part of all, when you walk into a room, you can always walk out if you don't want to stay there.  "But what if the door is locked shut?", you may say. Well, then you just have to roll your sleeves up and break that f****r down!Somewhere, along the road of my young life, I got it wired in my brain to never let life get the best of me. (It probably happened when life was getting the best of me.)  If I'm going to get handed lemons, you can bet your heart, I will be making a delicious lemon cake out of them...and if need be lemons can always be squirted into the eyes of enemies. Have you ever gotten lemon juice in your eyes? It mega-stings!When you refuse to see those unwelcoming rooms as truly bad, you find you will always have the courage to continue opening doors.  Doors of all shapes and sizes, and maybe some you wouldn't have even tried had it not been for those creepy ones in the past.  Before you know it, the rooms seem less and less scary.  Without even realizing it, your courage has grown!  There will always be doors that are truly frightening, but you'll never know the gold on the other side if you let the exterior deter you.I urge you, my dear reader, to shape you life in the way you wish it to be.  Open all the doors you can. Search the rooms for those items that will lead you to new rooms and never give up.  It's OK to be cautious and afraid, but never let its hold you back from what your soul needs and your heart desires!Всего наилучшего!- Sam :]

Saturday, January 7, 2012

All that glitters may not be gold, but it still shines just as bright!

Happy New Year!!!
The first week of the new year is nearly over, and what an amazing week it has been!  It feels great to start this dragon year off on a good foot.  So far, I’ve heard only positive feelings regarding this year; I hope the positive vibes continue all throughout the year.

Even though it would have been appropriate to take a vacation from work to celebrate the holidays, I decided to forgo any extended break and continue to work diligently on art projects.  (I did, however, take lots of time off from my office day job, but that doesn’t count.)  Not surprisingly, working on art doesn’t feel much like work to me.  I really enjoyed spending time on my latest projects.   With Phoenix Comicon to prepare for, I hope to keep at this pace and expand my portfolio tenfold!

In addition to quantity, I’ve been trying to experiment with different styles.  I greatly admire artists that have a wide range of artistic style.   I plan to put together an illustration book once I get enough pieces to fill it with, and was worried at first that it wouldn’t be very coherent.  However, I then began to feel that may actually be a benefit.  With every picture being different in composition, style, and theme it would keep it interesting; a suspenseful page turner!  Not to mention, it would also keep the book true to my own eclectic self.
Last night I went out (with two mega-awesome people) and saw my first live Burlesque show.  Since watching a documentary on the subject a few years back, A Wink and Smile: The Art of Burlesque, I’ve found burlesque to be a rather interesting art form.  Yes, I consider it an art form.   From the hair and makeup to the costumes and choreography, it is pure live art with a heavy leaning toward sexy.  In true burlesque fashion, last night’s show ranged from titillating (complete with a Jessica Rabbit look alike) to cute humor (cockroaches in a flamenco dress with La Cucaracha playing) and it even and a touch of vaudeville comedy courtesy of the two MC’s.

Unsurprising to me, watching the different acts struck the entertainer’s chord in my soul.  Ever since my first performance in a play adaptation of Alice in Wonderland (as Alice) at the tender age of nine, I’ve held a desire in my heart to become an entertainer.   The rush of being on stage is like no other! It is truly an amazing feeling.  I must admit, I was very awestruck by the girls and their performances.  That said, I don’t have an ounce of sexy in me.  As fun as it looks, I think I would make a horrible burlesque performer.  I’m far too mega-awkward and flat chested.  (A flat chest is a status symbol! Hehe)One aspect of burlesque I do believe I could pull off, are the outfits!  When that entertainer chord wasn’t being plucked, the fashionista in me was strumming away.  Oh, how mega-amazing some of them were…before they came off. …Actually, even some of them when stripped where amazing. Bras and panties that glittery are made to be seen!  I was just, simply in love with all of the designs.  One of my favorite outfits being a Gothic Lolita 1800’s London look for a Jack the Ripper inspired performance.  To be quite honest, that particular outfit, if not made to come apart, I would totally wear in public!

To the sexy, yet classy evening was topped off with none other than a solecism meal of street vender hotdogs.  Best Sonoran dogs ever, and best of all, good company to share them with!
Всего наилучшего!
- Sam :]

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ride on Shooting Star

Tucson comic-con has officially come and gone! The whole time I was there it felt so surreal. Even now, as I sit and type this, I still can't believe I showed my art to so many people in such a brazen way. For two whole days I put my heart and soul into the hands of strangers.  Thankfully, no one took it upon themselves to crush my soul.  There were people who passed by my table with disinterest and some that check it out only walk away with a look that says, "total crap", however, I was pleasantly surprised to hear positive feedback and comments that out numbered the bad and indifferent.  Art is my life; I put my life on the line and walked away alive and well.I can't say I was totally uninjured though. Naturally, being the clumsy dork I am, I managed to fall off my hooker heels in no less than five minutes of being at the venue, in front of a large crowd of vendors.  I personally believe such things are signs of good luck, kind of how in Japan and Russia it is considered good fortune to be pooped on by a bird. In any case everyone around me was good natured about it and other than some embarrassment I was able to pop back up, dust myself off, and laugh it off.The day it self was whirl-wind of talking to people tyring my hardest to sound both professional and cool.  I'm not sure if I accomplished that, but it wasn't for not trying!I had a handful of friends and family visit me.  It was so wonderful to see them.  I truly believe I wouldn't be able to hold on to courage if it wasn't for all the support of my friends and family.  I love them so much and I hope I can continue to make them proud.All in all, day was an incredible success.  I didn't make a lot of money, but I did get a mega-ton of exposure that was well worth all the effort.Day two was much of the same.  It was a little slower over all, but I did sell a few things and was able to give out my business card to a good number of folks. I was fortunate enough to have a decent table location. It was on the way to panels, near the rest rooms, next to a garage can, and next to a table having hourly raffles.  Even if attendees had no intention of checking out my table, they couldn't help but to see my stuff.As I had mentioned earlier, the second day was slower than the first. Things never did pick up for the second day and so around 4:30pm many of the professional vendors started to pack up their tables.  By 6:30 everyone was packed up and on their way out the door. It was kind sad to see the convention end so prematurely, however, I shamefully admit I didn't mind too much.  All the excitement wore me out! By the end of day two all I wanted was a comfy bed and a pair of glasses.  My contacts and falsies had given my problems all day long.  There were few times it looked like I was crying due to my eyes being to itchy.  Even though I was exhausted, I can't wait for the chance to do it all again.The whole affair was such a great learning experience for me.  Today I took a well deserved rest, but tomorrow it's back to work.  I've still got a long way to go before I've hit the big times, but I've finally started to taking those first steps down that golden road. I've got between now and May of next year to prepare for the even bigger Phoenix Comic-con.  I'm gonna keep aiming for brighter stars until I can become one myself.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wigs are mega-awesome!!!

 It's a little late, but Happy Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  Any excuse to dress up in costume and get chocolate wasted is a good excuse for me.  I never know for sure what I will dress up as when the holiday comes around. This year, being short on cash and time, I tried making a "closet costume".  Using clothes and accessories from my closet to make a low cost costume.  I ended up mixing together a dress, some petticoats (five to be exact!), Christmas ornaments, and pearls to create a costume interpretation of "the sky".
Naturally, a costume must be seen.  My friends and I decided to enjoy a semi-fancy dinner at The Olive Garden in full Halloween garb.  It was a ton of being seated as a group consisting of an evil fairy, gypsy, Walking Dead survivor, sky, and dead nun.  A bit surprising, we were the only ones dressed up.  I would have thought to see kids at the very least in outfits.  Being the raised nails that we were, a handful of people (mostly older people who undoubtedly were young at heart) stopped by our table on their way out the door to compliment us and wish us a Happy Halloween.
Nothing like running around town doing fancy things in fancy outfits.

Just two more days until Tucson Comic-con!!!  It feels so surreal!  I don't think it will sink in until I'm actually at my table peddling my art.  Tomorrow I'll get to set up my table. Since I wont have the time tomorrow, I'm doing my best today to get everything ready for tomorrow and Saturday.  In a way, I'm also making up for the past two days of being a delinquent.  Instead of working like I should have been, I ended up playing 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.  I know I should start such story heavy games while I have important things today, however, knowing and doing are two different things...hehehe...With that said, there is still so much I must get done today so with that I bid you adieu dear reader.Can't wait to post a new blog full of comic convention goodness! :D

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello Weekend!

My weekend is coming to an end sadly.  Since being an artist has yet to pay the bills for me, I must work as an office lady in the day. Kinda like Superman moonlights as Clark Kent, only I can't fly or hide a costume under my work clothes...and I'm pretty sure I didn't come from another planet.  Either way, a full time job is awesome come pay day (and I'm most grateful to have it!), but lame all the other times. By the end of my work week, I'm drained both mentally and physically. On Friday evenings I don't want to do anything but be a vegetable in front of the TV with a game controller in hand.  Yet, come the "weekend" I've got to get the gears grinding since my true profession is that of an artist.  Since time is a precious commodity when it comes to working on art projects I try to take very few breaks for unrelated things during my days away from the office.  
Still, I can't deny what I am: A early bird worker and a night owl fun seeker.  It's easier for me to get motivated and be productive in the morning and afternoon, but once night hits, I'm a total slacker and thus the quality of my work tends to suffer. I've never been the one to enjoy burning the midnight oils.  Unlike the stereotypical artist, I much rather wake up early and work horse the morning and afternoon away to earn an evening of fun and free time.Lately this free time has included, among a few other things, the game RAGE.  I'm not too far into it, yet, but so far I'm enjoy the game play a lot.  I've never been one for graphics, but these polygons freakin' sparkle!  It's rare for me to drop full price dollars on a game, so I hope it continues to impress.  If that's not enough, the long awaited (for me at least) Ico/SotC collection is in the mail!I only wish I had discovered this system of balance years ago.  With gaming being closer to an addiction than a hobby, it's nice to have finally found a way to organize my time to make room for both work and play.  To those of you who can do this naturally and without thought, I am mega-jealous of you!  It's truly a talent and an amazing skill to possess.
The perfect way to start the weekend!

Hello October!

When I last left you, my dear reader, it was in the oh-so-not-fun month of September. Well, it's now October, the season of tricks and treats, Autumn, and I couldn't be happier for all of it!
My kind of heaven!

I enjoyed a little mini break from life in the great outdoors last week.  Nothing beats a picnic out in the open and an after lunch nap under the sun.  Thanks to the cooler weather, the wild life was out and about too.  I got to see a bob cat, snake, mule deer, and a giant tree squirrel!  While it was a well needed vacation (just for a day), I'm happy to be back into the groove of work.

The tree I started sketching before falling asleep in the dirt. x]

The convention gets closer everyday and on top of that, I also have a few commissions to finish up.  Last night I was able to get one out of the way.  Despite being excited to get started on a new project, I was also really nervous. I had decided to use a painting method I had never tried before.  I discovered the "dry brush" technique about a month ago on YouTube and decided I wanted to give it a try.  I tried looking for online tutorials, but the ones I found were not very helpful. Granted I probably didn't search as hard as I could have.  A mixture of impatience and laziness fell over me as it often does when I'm mega-eager to get started. I ended up watching speed painting videos on YouTube and crossed my fingers that my brain could absorb the knowledge necessary on it's own.I have no doubt a master could view the video I made of it and tell from the start I'm an amateur, however, I am happy with the finished work over all.  The dry brush method was really enjoyable.  It's almost like a combination of sketching and painting.  One thing I noticed I did "wrong" was I used a lot of paint.  All the articles I came across boasted how you only need a pea sized dob of paint to paint a whole picture.  Either way, I would love to use this method again.  I hope to even become proficient enough with it to make coloured paintings, not just monochrome ones.With that project out of the way I have one more dog portrait to work on as well as a few more illustration I would like to have prepared in time for the convention.Until next time!xoxo- Sam :]

DJ the dog - my very first oil painting!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Show Must Go On!

October is just around the corner and with I can't wait to say good bye to September. This past week has been the worst I've had to endure in a  long time.  It's been rough enough that I had to suspend work on my art projects.  Happily, I am back on track today, working three pieces simultaneously!  I have a lot of lost time to make up for and with deadlines right around the corner the is no time left to let idly pass by.
Forget diamond, a dog is a girl's BFF!

During that tumultuous week I've had to lay to rest my best friend and canine family member, Sara.  After fighting back seizures for a little more than three years, they've finally bested her.  I was a little worried my friends wouldn't understand the pain I felt over her loss since not everyone sees their pets as a regular member of the family, however, that worry was in vain.  I couldn't believe how supportive everyone was for me in my time of grief.  I can't express my appreciation enough to them.  It took me six days to finally be able to think about with bringing myself to tears.  Six days of crying enough to fill oceans has nourished my heart.  I am happy to say, I now feel at peace with the whole situation and can smile at her memory.  Unlike when she was alive, I can now take her anywhere I myself go, because she will live forever in my heart.  (Plus she's cremated so she's not completely gone.)If saying good bye to my loyal fur ball wasn't enough, there was also the matter of my heart procedures I mentioned in my previous blog.  The procedures themselves when well, however, the results were not what the doctor had hoped for.  I'll find out this Thursdays if I will have to have heart surgery.  All my friends and family are worried for me, however, oddly enough I am not.  I'm more worried about it interfering with my art projects and upcoming comic convention than anything else.Just like a roller coaster isn't interesting with out ups AND downs, life too would be boring if all we had to report was "good" news.  Life is an adventure and I want to see it all and DRAW it all!Until next time, may the remaining days of September be kind to you!See you in October! :)

Sara: Jan 8th, 2005 to Sep 22, 2011Forever in my heart begging for treats and belly rubs. :]

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Skate like you mean it!

I went skating two days ago with a bunch of people from my office. It was a mega-ton of fun!
My awesome friends/co-workers.

I really brought to life the saying of "get back up after falling down."  Even though it wasn't my first time setting wheels on a rink, the 13 year hiatus did not do me any favors.  I fell almost every chance I got and pretty much had to skate into walls and other skaters in order to stop.Even with all my flailing and falling, no one laughed or made fun of me (or anyone else that fell).  Everyone was super chill and it made not giving up a cake walk.  My friend Diane said, that even the really skilled skaters take spills now and then so no one laughs because sooner or later it will be them too kissing rink.Unfortunately for my comic book fantasies, I did not crash into any cute guys. Instead, I crashed into a very sweaty older man. Worse still I almost played red rover with my friend and his girlfriend. Nothing kills the mood I bet like a runaway girl on wheels as you skate while holding hands lovey-dovey like. It's times like this I am happy to be a girl. I crashed into groin level walls three times as much as I did people.

Two seconds before I fell down. I blame the paparazzi flash.

I'm still sore from falling and the skating it self after two days; I'm covered arms to toes in bruises. Despite pain, I wouldn't give any of it back for nothing.  It was so much fun out there.  It just goes to show that you should never give up too easily if at all. I may never become a good skater, but it wont be for tyring, nor will the embarrassment of failure hold down my enjoyment.  In many ways, skating is a lot like life. There are times you soar with your feet on the ground and there are times when you trip and land on you face, and somehow you must learn to do both with grace.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Killing Time

I finally made my very own speed drawing video! Since YouTube is estimating a two hour upload wait, I figure what better time to type a new post!But what to talk about? Hmm...well, there is the video itself.  I made it with a web camera. The angle isn't the best, but it's the best I could do. My natural sitting position when drawing is very "on top of the work".  I struggled for hours putting together a set up that had a good view of the work (kinda important) but kept my head and face out of the shot.  It was video after video of top of my head. I used tri-pods and cameras of various sizes.  In the end I settled with a small table easel and a the aforementioned web camera.  I ended up making the video black and white because I had forgotten to do a manicure and my nails looked less than lady like...not that I'm all that lady like to begin with.When it comes to editing I am a totally newbie. I've played around with Windows Movie maker before, but not like this. It doesn't look like I did much, but there was a lot of trial and error involved.  Overall, I'm happy with the way it came out. The only thing I wished I could have added was a audio commentary track. My goal was to have the video uploaded by tonight and if I am to make that goal, there must be some sacrifice I'm afraid.  No worries though, as there is always next time!That brings me to the reason for the rush. Life for me has gotten a tad complicated. Now that I'm in the home stretch of the deadline for preparations for the Tucson Comic Convention, life as decided this is the perfect time to give me just one more thing to juggle along with my day job, paying bills, art, family, and friends.  I should also add, this is item is the equivalent of life tossing me a flaming chainsaw to toss around with those other items of interest.Since I was born, I've had ventricular septal defect and every year I am supposed to get a check up for it.  For about five years now I've been the text book 20 something not bothering to see the doctor. I hate going to the doctors and even more so hate when they find stuff wrong.As luck would have it, stuff was found wrong this time around (my mother blames waiting five years to start caring about my health again). So, it's off for a day of testing and icky needles. Specifically a right heart catherterization. Good times especially for me given I have Trypanophobia. Once that nightmare is over, I'll be counting dream bunnies (hopefully!) while having a tracheal endoscopy.The biggest concern of all this is the threat of actual open heart surgery. Being the devout artist I am, the surgery isn't the part that is scaring me (well, aside from the needles). I'm mega-worried about how all this mess may come in to conflict with upcoming convention attendance and finishing the commissions due at the end of the year.Hopefully all will end well (no surgery *fingers crossed*) and I can toss that flaming chainsaw out of my fold. In the mean time, there's work to be done!  And a second video to get uploaded (part 2)!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Venturing out to Sea

Today I noticed a nice quote on the calender in my kitchen:
"A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for." -William Shedd

Nothing like a little bit of inspiration while wolfing down leftovers!The simple sentence made me pause for a moment to think about how so very fitting it is for my current situation.  I have a good paying office job with the best employee benefits in town, but such comforts are my very own harbor.  My heart lives in the ocean of creative expression and I yearn to sail out to it.  Just as ships always stand the risk of losing their crews and masts to waves of storms and weather rage, I too risk it all by chasing after my dreams.  Finances, emotions, time, energy, and pride are all at stake.Luckily, I am not one to scare easily.  Sure I've come up to some dead ends and tripped a few times, but with every short coming I found some lesson to be learned.  Most of these lesson are involving money at the current moment. Very quickly, I've come to know why the term "starving artist" exist.  My biggest challenge is keeping the cost of my prints down. I worry over how to price things. Not too high, but not so low I can't recoup the expense.  I'm not really looking to make money, just get my stuff out there and have enough to continue putting more out there.An artist in today's modern world requires more than just a smock and a french beret; one must also wear the suit and tie of a businessman.  One resource that I can't recommend enough is the blessing that is a public library and thanks to my libraries nice assortment of small business how-to books that suit and tie combo is getting a little easier to put on each time I try.Very soon I shall sail out to the biggest risk of my artistic career yet, the Phoenix Comic Convention!  I just found out today that registration will be open soon. Despite not having even one convention under my belt yet, I will be applying for an artist table.  Spots go quickly and I don't want miss out because I waited too long.My lack of experience does cause me some worry.  I worry if people will enjoy my hard work. I work if I will turn a profit enough to cover the cost of having my posters and prints made (all out of my own pocket expenses). I worry about not letting my friend and family down and having their belief in my drams go to waste. I worry about so much and yet, that quote about the ships is sticky noted to the top of my brain.  I am a ship venturing further and further out to sea, just as I was meant t

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Actively Day Dreaming

I went and visited the dentist today. This seems all well and normal, however, I haven't seen the dentist in about six years! At the start of the year, I made it a New Year's resolution to get back on the wellness wagon and start getting six month cleanings again. So, understandably, I'm pretty happy with myself right now. I do believe this is the first time I have actually made a resolution and completed it...even if it took 3/4's of the year to breeze on by. 
Getting my teeth cleaned even turned out to by doubly productive. Not only was I able to cross off a goal for the year, but I used the time spent in the dentist chair to fill my head with visions of new drawings. Obviously, I couldn't hold a conversation with the dentist with her poking around my teeth and with nothing on the ceiling to look at, my mind was free to drift off to where-ever it is day dreams sprout.Next week it's off the visit a cardiologist (also on my 2011 to-do list)!  I'll have to have active listening skills for that one, though, it's always possible something about it will sprout an idea of it's own.  I love being able to extract a really awesome thought from something unexpected. With art (of any kind), there is so much symbolism and metaphorical imagery involved that sometimes I find it fun to say, "That purple bird in the tree, it's simply that. Just a bird in a tree. The purple? Well, I like purple."The more I think about ideas and their process of coming forth, the more I want to compare them to flowers.  Just like seeds starting out hiding in soil, you've got to nurture them so they can grow and blossom.  A garden of ideas may not smell as sweet as a garden of wild flowers in spring, however, it can be just as amazing when tended properly.For those that haven't given up on your own New Year's resolutions, best of luck with them. For those that have,  there's still time to change your mind!As for me, I've still got a few resolutions to try for before I reach 100% with my list, but everyday, I'm getting closer.xoxo-  Sam :]

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quote of the Moment

"Now some people when they sit down to write and nothing special comes, no good ideas, are so frightened that they drink a lot of strong coffee to hurry them up, or smoke packages of cigarettes, or take drugs or get drunk. They do not know that ideas come slowly, and that the more clear, tranquil and unstimulated you are, the slower the ideas come, but the better they are."-Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write, 1938