500 miles

Good morning dear reader!So much, I have planned for today, but first some coffee and this little blog.Today is a special day for me. I’m usually at my day job right now, however, today I have the day off. I’m very much looking forward to a wonderful four day weekend. Yes, that means four days straight of working on what I love. I feel silly saying it’s work, because it never feels tedious or unpleasant.I do have to take it seriously though, I’ve got a mountain of commissions to finish. One in particular (I’m talking about you Edwin) I’ve taken way too long to finish. Being the eternal perfectionist is my downfall. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I will start and re-start a drawing. It’s a madness almost. In any case, I have at least three pieces I’m hoping to complete this weekend: a dead tree, a girl in a tree, and a sword welding hero. On top of that I also have to work on my book, practice my languages, practice piano, and make sure I squeeze in some exercise somewhere!I currently am a one language speaker. Being raised only on English I’ve always thought of trying to learn a new language for a long while now, but never actually put any effort into it. I always make it a New Year’s resolution, this year included. With more that half the year passed and English still being the only thing I speak, I was starting to think it was going to be another year’s missed opportunity…then I went and surprised myself! I also went a tad over board…I’m not attempting to learn just one new language, but four! Yes, four: Russian, Spanish, French, and Japanese. I’m either crazy or a genius…probably crazy. I can’t afford to attend classes or courses on the subjects, but I’m finding there are plenty of free and low costly resources to be had on online and at my local library. I would highly recommend studying a new language to anyone! I’m finding it to be a lot of fun and very interesting. You can learn a lot of how your brain works by the way it sorts and keeps such foreign information/material at hand and ready for recollection. Since I was a little kid, memorizing things has always come easy to me, so I’m picking up vocabulary fairly quick. My biggest obstacle is my pronunciation and annunciation. In English, I have a very slight accent southern accent when speaking (very light but more noticeable depending on the word). It got worse over the past year when my southern grandmother visited (I pick up accents easily). Have you ever seen the movie Inglorious Bastards? There’s a scene where Brad Pitts character “tries” to speak Italian and it comes out as a very, VERY American “Bonjorn-O!” When I saw this with a friend, we laughed, because that is so me.If you’ve been reading all my posts so far, you’ll know that I’m also trying to learn how to play piano. I was borrowing my cousin’s keyboard for a while, but got super lucky and found a really nice one at a thrift store! It’s mega-old, but it’s a Yamaha, and has a bunch of really cool features. What I love about it the most is how it actually sounds like a real piano (my cousin’s sounded electronic no matter what setting it was at). Yesterday, I learned how to play a blues scale. Little by little, I’m improving and learning more.Well, this morning is just about over, and with so much to do I better get started. Until next time!Xoxo- Sam