Busy Bee Waits Patiently

I've never been so busy in all my life, and I'm loving every minute of it! (Unfortunately for the blog, it's not the kind of busy that makes for great updates, lol) As soon as I finished my latest work I was on to the next (which is impressive considering I can be quite the procrastinator). I've even managed to stave off marathon video gaming to work on my art!

Currently the reason for this mad dash, busy bee attitude is still up in the air. My convention paperwork has been sent, but I'm still waiting for the check to be cashed and for a conformation e-mail. I think I've grown three new grey hairs since last Saturday! Even if I don't get accepted, all this hard work will not go to waste. Hopefully, once my website is at 100% I'll be able to sell prints and the like.

While I'll be happy to make my work available to all that want to enjoy it, I am not looking forward to pricing it. I never know what is fair to the work itself and will under price it. It's very hard for me to think that someone would be willing to pay money for something I made. Being humble is a great quality to have, however, when it comes to business too much is not helpful, lol. truthfully, if there weren't bills to pay, I would be content to give things away. :]