There's a cutie dog decked out in Christmas garland within this've been warned!

So far, I've been enjoying my spiffy PS3 a mega-lot lately! Namely, the Playstation Network store.  (Unfortunately for my wallet, it is way to easy to spend a little more than originally planned... n_n;; ) I'm finally getting to play Grandia after missing it on the original Playstation AND I'm finally getting to play some of the PSN exclusives I've heard about in the past.  These past few days saw me hypnotized in front of my TV as I guided my little micro-organism around in ~flOw~ and awwing at the pretty scenes found in flower.  Thatgamecompany is amazing! To produce such simple yet deep games is a talent all its own. If ever you find yourself with a spare $9.00, I highly recommend either one of the two, especially so if you need a stress reliever.  The soothing visuals and music whisk worries away at the end of a hard work day (speaking from experience!).I'm still working on my secret commission...yes, only for art, can a controller be torn out of my paws!  This is a big drawing, but I'm getting it down piece by piece.  I even sent my client a sneak peek and so far so good.  The anticipation of success or failure always looms over my head when I work on a commission. I always hope for good, but prepare for displeasure.This year is going by so fast! Deadlines are creeping up closer and the New Year is around the corner! I still have Christmas shopping to finish up!  I was very surpised to recieve a gift from a fan, last week.  It still amazes me, that I can say "there are fans of my work".  I hope I never stop being amazed at that.  I think, if that day ever comes, it will only be because I died inside, or something.  Even more amazing still, is this is not the first time.  Last year I recieved my first ever "fan gift", if you will, from a client I did work for that year.  I feel so honoured and humbled by it all.  I will stray into Hallmark-y territory a bit to say, that just seeing their happy faces when they get back the works I've done for them is a gift all on it's own!  And now for that adorable doggie I mention...*drum roll* : TA~DA!!! She's a doll!  Santa will be very kind to her this year! n________nI hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season so far! :D