Commission FAQs

How to Request a Commission

  • Commissions may be initiated by either using the contact form below or by sending an e-mail to

  • Please include as much information possible regarding your request - medium, size, deadlines, references, etc... The more information I have to work with, the more accurate of a price quote I can provide.


  • Commission pricing is $10 per square inch of canvas/surface. E.g. a 5x7 inch piece costs $350; an 8x10 inch piece costs $800; 12x24 inch piece costs $2880.

Mediums & Style

  • I work with all traditional mediums. E.g. watercolour, oil paint, pencil, etc...

  • I do NOT create digital artwork.

  • My artistic style ranges from realism to comic illustration and everything in between.

  • I am NOT a graphic designer.


  • Half of the full quoted price is due upon start of a project/art work as a non-refundable deposit, with the remaining amount due upon completion.

Additional Info

  • All rights to the artwork remain mine, the artist, Samantha Ashley Violette. Please do not request artwork for profit with out explicit consent of the artist, Samantha Ashley Violette.

  • Some artwork takes more time to complete than others due to the medium used or the complexity of the picture requested. While I do my very best to accommodate deadlines, please consider these factors when requesting a commission. Larger pieces or slow drying mediums may take months to complete.

  • For works that take longer to complete, I do my best to keep you updated on the process with work in progress photos and the like.

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason. Please be respectful if I choose to decline your request.


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